A few verses that keep my faith growing

Today I want to share with you all a few bible verses that helped  me along my journey, and keep continuing to shape me up. I hope this helps you guys out if you are looking for a few bible verses that will inspire you to keep going with your journey! 

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Image result for bible verses for strength


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Image result for bible verses for strength

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Image result for bible verses for strength

Image result for bible verses for strength

Image result for bible verses for strength

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 


If I can…So can you.


This is me….at 4 am…..ready to go to work at my dream hospital!!! Since I was a little girl I always wanted to work in one of the best hospitals where I am from, and Glory to God that my dream came true!!!! Quick story are you ready? I hope that whoever reads this gets inspired, and get their gears going at school. No one and nothing is an obstacle….the only obstacle is you. 

I always wanted to work in the medical field…ALWAYS. However, that dream started to fade little by little due to a few events that happened in my life, and also around a few people that are really close to me. However, I didn’t stop there and I didn’t let anyone tell me otherwise. I had people who doubted me that made me doubt on my own self. I had teachers that told me I would never pass, and then again I proved them wrong. I had “friends” that would say nice things to my face, and stab me in the back.

I had a few family members that tried to play me, and treated me as a joke. Despite of all of this, my faith in the Lord grew, my self-confidence started boosting up, and most important of all I started hearing the voice of God to take care more of myself. I worked at different places, and even a hospital where they literally TRIED to make me feel stupid just because I wasn’t in the same “level” as them. I had a job where old co-workers at an orthodontist made me pick up trash, and TRIED to put a bad recommendation about me. 

I had stalkers…STALKERS and so many haters that their jealousy would boost up in their veins, and you could see it pop in the middle of their forehead. What can I say though? They were my biggest fans because till this day some of them still try to “check up” on me, and they think I have no idea. With all of this, I started working extra hard, put in more hours, cried when no one was looking, and did my very best to get recognized in order to get my name out there. 

Guess what happened? The devil didn’t win, and God put me beyond every single person who ALWAYS wanted to see me down a dam drain. Also, age doesn’t mean you are “old” it means you have more wisdom, it means you get new people in your life that love you who are LOW MAINTENANCE which understand you have a life, it means that you do not let a day get to you, and it means you keep on trying because when you “fail” it just means it was practice. 

It is my 3rd day in which I remember a long time ago during this time I prayed for an environment where I can work in peace, and where people would get to see my true potential. I believe that prayer works, prayer makes it’s way, and God gives you what you need in the correct time. I can say that God has showed me his love, mercy, and his grace! Today I stand proud, with tears of gratitude, with my degree, with the news that I can continue my education at the same place I work at, and with a heart filled with love.

The whole point of being in the medical field, is having one foot in the door of an amazing organization in order to keep growing. Having one foot in the door for more opportunities, and always trusting in the Lord that he will make a way. Today I can say…I made it. I made it because despite of every situation God pulled me out of, and because when I really thought I was about to give up he said, “HOLD IT HONEY I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU!” 

Not only do I work in my dream job, but besides that I also work online as an influencer. I have an amazing team with the Tribe Girls and MHB in which I am an admin in, and we have big dreams for our team. I have my parents who are my rock, and my sister who is my hype girl. My fiance who literally believes in me, and motivates me like ya’ll have no idea. I have wonderful friends who will be my bridesmaids that pray for me everyday.

I have my brothers and my nephew that are the other pieces of my heart back in Guatemala, and my cousins in Colombia which we connect as time never passed by. What can I say? I AM BEYOND BLESSED! My dreams keep coming true little by little, and it is not because of some “destiny” this is because I WORK HARD! I love love love my life! I cannot wait to see what God has prepared for my future because another opportunity is coming up in which requires hard work, but I will do it because the Lord will give me the strength. 

Hello, my name is Michele Carvajal born in Chicago, IL, daughter of a father from Colombia & mother from Guatemala, and better known as Mishi. A girl who went to Mary Lyon Elementary School, went to Steinmetz High School, which then went to Northwestern College, to Triton College, to Depaul University, and ended it at Dominican University. Dominican has one graduation a year, I graduated last year, but I have to cross this May. Former employee at Edgebrook orthodontics, Triton College, Gottlieb Hospital, Dominican University, and Northwestern Hospital. Today I stand PROUD with my dream hospital….I am an employee in one of the best sections with people who are extremely wonderful. I am an employee at Loyola University Medical Center in which it is based on trinity, and we have other hospitals around which include: Gottlieb Hospital, Macneal Hospital, and sister to Mercy hospital. I am an influncer, gospel singer, song-writer, blogger, and trying to make my way in this world. I am a girl that will continue her education to get a higher degree, and promotion. One day, Lord willing, win the the Grammy for best Gospel album of the year…honey I declare that! Just watch, and hopefully build my own companies with my Husband to be. That is who I am and it is so nice to meet you.


If this has inspired you in any way I am glad it did! Remember this: You might cry now, people might doubt you, but do not let that get to you. YOU BETTER SHOW THEM! but please show it to yourself! If I can do it….so can you! If you want to send me a message and talk about something you are going through, and would like for me to pray for you go ahead and do it. I am also willing to give you advice so don’t wait…the change starts NOW! I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are in the world.

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 


When there is no time plan it out

Hey ya’ll! Okay so I have been busy these past few days because I was doing a heck of a lot of things which I ended up with a job!!! I will be working at Loyola Hospital which was one of the main reasons why I haven’t blogged. I had to go to interviews, schedule physical appointments, and going out with my mother to check out things for the wedding. Ah the wedding! That is another reason why I have not been blogging because, knowing me, I love to do things early to be way ahead of the game.

I have a planner that I got tired of carrying around with me, and now I leave it at home which I had to desperately find a way to schedule my day. Don’t get me wrong though, I still write in my planner, check the things I have done, and make sure I transfer it to my new app. Through searching online, I found an app called TimeTree which I have been enjoying lately, and it works perfectly! It shows you exactly how to schedule your day, shares it with the people you want, & gives you time to breathe without getting anxious.

Image result for time tree

Another reason why I love it, is the fact that when each of us is too busy to text, we already know what is going on based on what the calendar says, and I love it! I can actually tell my fiance to get on the app, and we will both be able to see each others schedule without having to text each other.This is actually a good way because it lets both of us know when we are busy, and help us coordinate our schedules in an organized matter.

We both basically have our own calendar, and there is one where we both share that can sync up our times. Both working in the medical field, doing projects, and getting things done for our upcoming events can make us anxious as to thinking, “Does he or she have nothing to do right now?” so this is why this app is perfect. I highly recommend for all of you to try it that is if you have such a busy day as mine. Also, I like that I can even plan to sit down and write away!

Related image

On time tree, we both have our own unique colors to help us see who is doing what. So for example, my stuff is in pink, his is in blue, and ours together is in purple because blue and pink make purple. Get it? lol! This is just another way to let us know not to bother one another when we are busy because at the end of the day time tree tell us what is going on. I hope you give this app a try! It is worth it and the best thing is that it is free to download! 

Okay so now I will try to write 2 blogs a day, and the times are going to officially be 6pm and 7pm Central time. So if you haven’t done so already, please be sure to subscribe to my blog so you will not miss out on a thing. At 7pm today, I will be talking about another topic that will help you out if you are getting married. Are you ready? Stay tuned! 

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace.




Food you MUST try

I love searching on YouTube new things to try out, and by far there is one channel that I am obsessed!  Well, okay scratch that off there has always been one of my favorite actors, but at the same time SHE CAN SING! I am talking about the iconic Tia Mowry! Today I will be sharing with you two videos to watch, to cook, and then eventually eat! I love all the videos that she posts so what I did was to pick two random videos to share with you. I can’t just pick one so I will be linking below two videos for you to watch! Let me know if you enjoyed them and also if you tried out one of the recipes! You should check her out because literally her videos are AMAZING, but get a snack or two ready because you will be hungry by the end or middle of the video!!


Are you hungry? I know I am! I had to re-watch the potato skin nachos because they looks so good, and I bet they taste delicious. If you would like to share your favorite recipe, favorite YouTube channel, or something you would like to try to cook leave me a comment down below or send me a message like always. I hope you are having a great day or night depending on where ever you are in the world. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 



What’s up you guys?! I am so excited to announce that your girl over here is engaged!! So let me tell you what happened during the weekend which literally caught me off guard, but first let me tell you a few details about us. 

Our Anniversary & How We Met

His name: Carlos Andres Calderon.

Where did we meet: Triton College.

How did we meet: Music (Talent Show) 

Anniversary: February 23, 2014

(So EVERY 23rd of the month we celebrate it! This March 23 we will have 5 years & 1 month, and yes we even count the months) 

He is Ecuadorian and I am Colombian & Guatemalan lol! Ya’ll know our future kids will have some interesting genes! Okay but now on to how he asked me to be his wife so I just told ya’ll the basic stuff! Moving on now. 

Thursday (March 7,2019)

My parents had been telling me that there was a dinner that my dad’s company was throwing so we had to go as a family. However, my dad is the type where he hates going out at night, prefers to sleep in, and if there is a dinner/party he will not go at night. Anyways that doesn’t stop there lol! My family knows that I make my own nails (yes people I do my own nails), and there is no reason for me to go to a salon. That day though, my mom was telling me my nails looked bad because I haven’t done them since forever, and made me go get a new polish. Due to the time I decided to skip the polish, buy some kiss nails (glue), and put them on FORGETTING that I am allergic to that glue. I went with my fiance to buy the nails though, and he looked suspicious lol! 

Friday (March 8, 2019)

Midnight hit and my nails were itching bad, and they were so red! I woke up so scared at night, got some very hot water, put my nails in it, and I pop them lol! I know it was a bad decision cause then my nail plate got bad, and one of them cracked in the middle. So because of that I decided to paint ON TOP of the damage nails because I had a job interview in the morning. As the day kept going, my mom kept bugging me saying that I needed to redo my nails so I told her that I would just let it grow. Her response? NO! So one of my best friends (Katie!!) ha! She had her bridal shower on Saturday. So my mom goes on Saturday there is a bridal shower, and also the dinner for the company. On Friday night, she convinced me and off I went to do my nails. 

Saturday (March 9, 2019) 

It’s Saturday morning but it was kind of a chill day for me so I was like “meh” because I was just watching movies while cleaning the house. My dad though, had been EXTRA NICE for 2 weeks straight, but Saturday he was being too extra! He didn’t make me wash dishes cause my nails will get “ruined” for the day when knowing him he would had told me to do dishes a long time ago lol! My other best friend Roro, her husband, and mom came to pick me up to go to the bridal shower so we were off. During the party, I started to have a feeling that something was going to happen later on that day. I have seen Roro texting like crazy, and telling me she was texting Chilly (my other best friend & her cousin). So I was getting very distracted but that feeling in my gut didn’t go away lol! As the party was ending, I saw my girl Katie smiling even more because DUH! she was happy that her bridal shower was a success!!! Also, because I did not know that roro and katie knew what was going on….roro was NOT texting chilly…..she was texting Carlos my fiance!!! like WHAT?!?! lol! 

What happened & How he asked – Saturday Night

As I go inside the house, I was rushing to get ready and to my surprise I see my mother’s best friend there saying “she was going to the dinner too.” so huh? lol! I ignored that and went on to get my other clothes ready for the night, but not even because after 15 minutes or so the bell rang. My dad goes and opens the door and I come out of my room super clueless and guess who I saw? YUP! I saw Carlos, his family, and in the back Roro was laughing with her husband Armando -_- Guess who forgot her Spanish and English? I DID! Ya’ll I was so speechless! So my man starts with his speech telling me that he loved me very much, and much more that I forgot because I was too nervous to even grasp what he was saying lol! He got to one knee and asked me to be his wife….my answer? DUH!!!!! YES!!!! Of course the family and friends cried, and it was just a moment I will never forget. Before he gave me the ring though he gave me flowers so I was like “awwwww” lol! And as soon as we were done praying and our parents talked to us, we started eating ya’ll! Oh I also went crazy on social media and updated everything! lol! Keep in mind I didn’t eat so much at the bridal shower because I was also thinking of the dinner of the “company”, but really we ended up eating cake lol! 


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Sunday (March 10, 2019)

We went to church and only some people knew (the ones who have Facebook and Instagram!), and to my surprise the pastor presented us to the church, and everyone prayed for us so from that moment on I knew it was very official. When a couple is presented to the church, and being blessed under the eyes of the Lord then that is when it’s really real. The weekend was a good one! 


The Plan Now

Ya’ll ready to see me blog more and look at the process of my wedding unfold? Stay tuned then! I will be posting things on YouTube too because I will be recording tomorrow lol! I am so excited for this next chapter and super hyped!!! I couldn’t ask for a better husband because he will always be my fiance, boyfriend, and most important of all my very best friend. Years of friendship, 5 years of relationship, and now engaged! Won’t he do it!!!! Stay tuned for more and make sure you follow me on Instagram to check out my journey, and also our instagram which we have together and its: https://www.instagram.com/mishiandcarlos/ so click on the link and it will take you straight to it! I will also post during this or next week about the people that I have picked to be in my wedding I can’t wait for you to meet them lol! If you are planning to get married, or already married what tips would you give me? I would love to know so go ahead and leave a comment or send me a message. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.



Willow Elizabeth Shop

Today I am so excited to introduce Willow Elizabeth! These earrings are AMAZING and they are perfect for everyday use. They have different sizes and also beautiful colors! These are the ones that I received check this out!

I use these daily and everyone loves them! I am head over heels for these earrings and coming up with ideas on how to match them with my outfits. 

They are gorgeous and I will be putting up on my instagram more pictures on how I rock the rest of them. They are made from Ohio and they are so light!!! Also, they are super affordable and you will not regret in buying them. If you want to check them out visit their website at: www.willowelizabeth.com and please go ahead and check out their instagram which is: @willowelizabethshop you will fall in love with their products and they even have studs!!!!!!! So go now and get your own! If you do make sure to post a picture up on instagram, tag them, and let them know I sent you over!! I hope you are having an amazing day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.

From Cold to Warm

After a long week of being cold, and having the flu I am back! First off, the place where I live hit the negatives….Chicago ya’ll…I mean I love it and hate it at the same time because you are never to sure if it is going to snow, or it will be summer. Today we hit 51 degrees so it is insane how we are now warm in the city. Some of the things that I did while I had time off were catching up with a show on Netflix which is called “Pasion de Gavilanes” which I am already done with it. This is a novela that came out when I was small and because I love it so much this was my 100th time seeing it lol! 

Another thing that I did was making a list on what to write this week. I must confess that at times it is so difficult to touch a few topics because a lot of us might not share the same views. For example, politics and how Cardi B is going hard on Tomi Lahren that is hilarious! If you do not have a twitter account I would highly suggest to get one so you can get caught up with what is going on. Do you think I should talk about stuff like this? and if so why? Let me know!!! Also, if you used to be a fan of Carmen Sandiego you should get on Netflix now! I saw the whole thing and it reminded me of my childhood! 

Today I did a little cleaning up, and I also found the movie of Peter Pan which I thought I lost. By this movie I mean this version: 

Image result for peter pan movie

When this version came out on theaters I remember I was so hyped, and had a huge crush on the actor that played Peter Pan lol! Let’s see how he looks like now shall we? 

Image result for Jeremy Sumpter

No wonder………I mean the glow-up my dude THE GLOW UP!!!!!! I had to send my sister a picture of the DVD that I found at school, and she could not believe that I found it lol!! The one I am trying to find is my Pitch Perfect DVD because I am finding a lot of cases that are empty, but the movies are not there. Do any of you have any favorite movies that you have lost? Feel free to share with me the movies you love so I can check them out. I will be doing a few reviews this coming week so keep an eye out because I have some jewelry that I want you all to see!!! Stay tuned!!!! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Planning with my God

A lot of people ask me how in the world am I planning for the future without fear. Others ask me how do I wake up in the morning thinking it is always the weekend. The answer is simple and that is planning with God. I carry a planner every single day where I write down my goals, thoughts, and my wishes for the next few months. Let me tell you that the next few months though are mind-blowing! The more I see the hand of Jesus work in my life as each second that goes by, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear. 

Here is the thing, when you let Jesus work then you learn to let go and let him drive your life to where he wants you to be at it’s the most amazing result ever. At times, things might not seem clear because in order to get to where you need to be you have to pass through a whole lot of things in your life. It can even be a divorce!! A few things that I have learned and seen along with lessons are the following:

1. Relationship– in order to have someone in your life you need to love yourself, love God, and most important to remember that if someone is going to love you it will be because of who you are. Do not pretend someone that you are not! 

2. Vacation– If you are planning to go somewhere, but it all crashes down do not even get mad. God might be protecting you from an accident along the way, or even something worse. 

3. Friendships– Find a friend that not only you can relate to but, loves, and respects God! That makes such a big difference especially when you plan with that person special events because they understand your reason on how something needs to be a certain way.

4. Job– You are trying to find a job but it is hard right? Do not worry because if you are faithful to yourself, pray, and never give up then the right job will come to you. Sometimes when one door closes it is because it was not meant for you. 

I can name a whole lot more in this post, but I don’t want to make this too long. All I can say is, in the almost Fall of 2018 during a youth camp, at that very exact moment….I decided to let go and let God. From that point on, God took away and gave me more. God showed me the truth and made me go to sleep laughing. God made a few switches, without me even doing nothing, and brought me better people. You cannot tell me God isn’t real because I see him work every single day. 

Born and raised in a Christian home, baptized at the age of 17, and I did not let go completely until last year. I am only human, I can only do so much, but God brings me up when I feel like I am about to fall. Never did I see that till I decided to let go! Doing so, the Lord has made my plans brighter, my path bigger, and my sense of people that are bad influence even stronger. When you let Jesus control your life you will see his plans for you become reality, and bigger than your imagination. 

I pray that you who are reading this, may all your plans come true and if they don’t you will see that there is something better for you. I pray that one day, when you decide to let go, and let HIM may you hear the voice of God saying,

“Hello my dear child, it is so good to see you… a g a i n . ” 


Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Printage App Pictures!

Hey everyone! Today I am so pleased to introduce the Printage app! They are a company where they transform your pictures into memories. What I love about this is that the pictures are the ones where you stick on the wall leaving no damage to your wall at all! Also, you can move them around and put them in the order you want so it is amazing! Take a look on mine and I will explain more about them in the next paragraph.




I have many pictures to post up, but some are just to precious to leave them without not putting them on a wall. These 3 pictures have a story behind, which I will not get into it right now, but I love seeing them everyday because it reminds me to keep on going. Printage is affordable, easy to use, and fast shipping!!! If you would like to check them out please visit this website and make sure to download the app! If you hate holes in your wall, and want the pictures to be movable this is where you should go! 


Let me know if you get to order some of your pictures!!! Make sure to tag me so I am able to see it, and also tag them when you upload it on instagram. 


Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C. 

7 ways to post your first blog

Hey everyone! I have a been a few days out lately due to some errands, and updates that I have to do on my computer. It sucks! But hey here I am! Okay so lets start talking about blogging your first BLOG! I know some of ya’ll probably have a topic in mind, but you are scared to even put it out right? I remember when I had my first one, deleted it, re-wrote it, and deleted it all over again. Till I found the courage to really put it out there! I will show you some simple steps on how to blog your first post. 

Image result for first blog post


The title of your first post should really stand out! Try not use the topic “First Blog Post” because not only is it so common, but also it is not eye-catching. You need something to make people think “oh dang this is a new blogger! I wonder what the first post is about!” so don’t be afraid to use something even silly as your title! 


Do you want paragraphs? If so how many? As your first post you need to make sure you do not write a lot, and stick to just a few paragraphs! 

About you

Inside the blog post be sure to have a link to your “about me” section! You should already have an about me page done! When you are done or in the middle of your post you can say something like, “and just like this diy I make tons like I talk in my “about me” section!” or “If you would like to get to know me more make sure you see my “about me” for more details!” See what I did there? to the point! 


I feel like if your first post is a diy make sure you have a list! Make sure it is in a number form to illustrate the steps. 


As your first blog post, you need to have pictures that will be able to stand out. If you have a good phone make sure the pixels are good enough, and if you have a camera USE IT!!!! 


If you have a video that you made to put up either on YouTube, or just something creative make sure you mention it and post the video. It needs to be related to the topic in which it is good if it is about a DIY. 


As you end your first blog post you need to make sure you have people coming back for more, and not just that one time. You can announce things that you will be doing later on in the future so in order for them to stay up to date they will visit your site again.


If you just did your first blog then let me know because I would love to read it!!!! I wish you the best of luck if you are starting. Remember it takes patience, time, and lots of love making a blog site so do not give up! If you have any questions send me a message I will be happy to help you out.

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C