It takes two to tango (Part 1)

A few days ago, a close friend of mine asked me a question in regards on how to keep up with a relationship. The moment she asked me that question I couldn’t help, but remembering since my husband and I started dating till now. One question that she asked me was, “How often do my husband and I text and if it has changed throughout our journey?” with that in mind I decided to write this blog post in case someone out there needs to see this.



I am going to be VERY honest, when Carlos Andres and I started out as friends we would literally text every…single….day! We would message each other even before going to sleep, or even if we would hang out with friends. As the time went by, we stopped talking for about a year, but continued to message each other once in a blue moon due to something that was going on at the time. Later on, we reconnected and started dating in which we had a lot of ups and downs.

It was never perfect, but we managed to pull through and try to live it up day by day. At this phase, we would only text during night because our schedules were the same at this stage. For example, we took the same classes, he was my lab partner, we sat side by side, we had the same breaks, we studied together, we worked in the same place, and we both went to the same church! So by the time it was night time we would just text each other “Goodnight see ya tomorrow babe!” and that was it.

It was sorta interesting because it was like someone was playing our dating life as if it was a delicate instrument. What I mean by this is the fact how everything was kept in balance, but we NEVER went to sleep mad at each other. I will never forget the day where we had the first argument, and since I came from relationships where guys never cared I thought he was going to be the same. Boy was I wrong! He kept me up till we resolved the issue, and then we went to sleep. 

Old picture….2014? At the Tercer Cielo concert lol! 

I also remember how we would stay up till late via Skype studying, and quizzing each other before an exam. Social media was kept to a minimum to the point where people would ask if we were still together lol! Facebook is “meh” I usually go there for memes, but he never uses it. Instagram is my favorite but he only goes there for memes or inspiration to workout. Snapchat, I use it but he never does ha! However, twitter is a big one for him, but for me its literally “meh”. 

The only 3 apps that we used to communicate with each other back in the day were: Viber, Skype, and messenger. We kept our relationship to a minimum through social media, and again when we texted it would be kept to a minimum. When we got engaged we would text a little bit more then usual because of the wedding planning, and other than that I think that was it. I feel like the less social media is used the better the relationship, and healthier conversations may emerge.

So going back to the question, “How often do my husband and I text and if it has changed throughout our journey?” Now that we are married….we hardly text each other! lol! Communication, responsibility, and trust is KEY to a healthier relationship and lifestyle. In my next post, I will be writing about those three topics that I just mentioned, and I will break it down little by little. Another post will be on how to conquer jealously cause I know a few people out there with this exact problem. 

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Engaged, but what happens now?

As some of you may already know, I recently got engaged, but what happens now? The process of planning a wedding can be stressful unless you already know what you want. I think that before you even meet your significant other it is best to have the “wedding of your dreams” already in the back of your mind. I mean sure, maybe at the end of the day it won’t be exactly the same, but wouldn’t it be awesome to at least have something from what you had in mind?

As I said before on my post, I will be unfolding the process of my wedding with you all, and I mean all of it! From who will be participating, to workout “fit in the dress”” routine, and even more. One thing though, I have to tell ya’ll I already know what my colors will be, but that will be a surprise lol! Ever since I was little I had the colors I wanted in mind because it’s just so classy, and thank Lord it fits with what my fiance likes ha! The first thing after you get engaged is the list of everything you have to do!

The following picture is just part of my “things-to-do” list so you can have an idea! If you just got engaged like me, feel free to copy it. My list doesn’t stop there though because its about 3 pages max, but I spaced everything out so I won’t get too anxious. My list has everything, and by everything I mean apartment/home arrangements. Let me know if this list helps you out! I am very organized to the point that every single detail has to be written down on my planner, and I have a set goal for each of them.


So now you know the first step is a list, and plan ahead! Take one day, three hours, grab your favorite drink, grab your phone, have your laptop ready, call your fiance, and start planning! As you can see my list, I already have a few things down because I took my sweet time, but I had to be in a place with no distractions. As you can see on my list, the part where it says “shop for gown” is the last thing on my mind because I am currently working out. Stay tune to see what I am doing to shed this weight! 

Tomorrow I will be talking about another topic from this list, or I will write every other day so ya’ll won’t get bored. lol! Let me know your thoughts, and if you recently got engaged share your story!! If you want to check out my story, you can do so by clicking the following link:  I’m ENGAGED!!! I hope you all have a great day or night where ever you are in the world.

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 




What’s up you guys?! I am so excited to announce that your girl over here is engaged!! So let me tell you what happened during the weekend which literally caught me off guard, but first let me tell you a few details about us. 

Our Anniversary & How We Met

His name: Carlos Andres Calderon.

Where did we meet: Triton College.

How did we meet: Music (Talent Show) 

Anniversary: February 23, 2014

(So EVERY 23rd of the month we celebrate it! This March 23 we will have 5 years & 1 month, and yes we even count the months) 

He is Ecuadorian and I am Colombian & Guatemalan lol! Ya’ll know our future kids will have some interesting genes! Okay but now on to how he asked me to be his wife so I just told ya’ll the basic stuff! Moving on now. 

Thursday (March 7,2019)

My parents had been telling me that there was a dinner that my dad’s company was throwing so we had to go as a family. However, my dad is the type where he hates going out at night, prefers to sleep in, and if there is a dinner/party he will not go at night. Anyways that doesn’t stop there lol! My family knows that I make my own nails (yes people I do my own nails), and there is no reason for me to go to a salon. That day though, my mom was telling me my nails looked bad because I haven’t done them since forever, and made me go get a new polish. Due to the time I decided to skip the polish, buy some kiss nails (glue), and put them on FORGETTING that I am allergic to that glue. I went with my fiance to buy the nails though, and he looked suspicious lol! 

Friday (March 8, 2019)

Midnight hit and my nails were itching bad, and they were so red! I woke up so scared at night, got some very hot water, put my nails in it, and I pop them lol! I know it was a bad decision cause then my nail plate got bad, and one of them cracked in the middle. So because of that I decided to paint ON TOP of the damage nails because I had a job interview in the morning. As the day kept going, my mom kept bugging me saying that I needed to redo my nails so I told her that I would just let it grow. Her response? NO! So one of my best friends (Katie!!) ha! She had her bridal shower on Saturday. So my mom goes on Saturday there is a bridal shower, and also the dinner for the company. On Friday night, she convinced me and off I went to do my nails. 

Saturday (March 9, 2019) 

It’s Saturday morning but it was kind of a chill day for me so I was like “meh” because I was just watching movies while cleaning the house. My dad though, had been EXTRA NICE for 2 weeks straight, but Saturday he was being too extra! He didn’t make me wash dishes cause my nails will get “ruined” for the day when knowing him he would had told me to do dishes a long time ago lol! My other best friend Roro, her husband, and mom came to pick me up to go to the bridal shower so we were off. During the party, I started to have a feeling that something was going to happen later on that day. I have seen Roro texting like crazy, and telling me she was texting Chilly (my other best friend & her cousin). So I was getting very distracted but that feeling in my gut didn’t go away lol! As the party was ending, I saw my girl Katie smiling even more because DUH! she was happy that her bridal shower was a success!!! Also, because I did not know that roro and katie knew what was going on….roro was NOT texting chilly…..she was texting Carlos my fiance!!! like WHAT?!?! lol! 

What happened & How he asked – Saturday Night

As I go inside the house, I was rushing to get ready and to my surprise I see my mother’s best friend there saying “she was going to the dinner too.” so huh? lol! I ignored that and went on to get my other clothes ready for the night, but not even because after 15 minutes or so the bell rang. My dad goes and opens the door and I come out of my room super clueless and guess who I saw? YUP! I saw Carlos, his family, and in the back Roro was laughing with her husband Armando -_- Guess who forgot her Spanish and English? I DID! Ya’ll I was so speechless! So my man starts with his speech telling me that he loved me very much, and much more that I forgot because I was too nervous to even grasp what he was saying lol! He got to one knee and asked me to be his wife….my answer? DUH!!!!! YES!!!! Of course the family and friends cried, and it was just a moment I will never forget. Before he gave me the ring though he gave me flowers so I was like “awwwww” lol! And as soon as we were done praying and our parents talked to us, we started eating ya’ll! Oh I also went crazy on social media and updated everything! lol! Keep in mind I didn’t eat so much at the bridal shower because I was also thinking of the dinner of the “company”, but really we ended up eating cake lol! 


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Sunday (March 10, 2019)

We went to church and only some people knew (the ones who have Facebook and Instagram!), and to my surprise the pastor presented us to the church, and everyone prayed for us so from that moment on I knew it was very official. When a couple is presented to the church, and being blessed under the eyes of the Lord then that is when it’s really real. The weekend was a good one! 


The Plan Now

Ya’ll ready to see me blog more and look at the process of my wedding unfold? Stay tuned then! I will be posting things on YouTube too because I will be recording tomorrow lol! I am so excited for this next chapter and super hyped!!! I couldn’t ask for a better husband because he will always be my fiance, boyfriend, and most important of all my very best friend. Years of friendship, 5 years of relationship, and now engaged! Won’t he do it!!!! Stay tuned for more and make sure you follow me on Instagram to check out my journey, and also our instagram which we have together and its: so click on the link and it will take you straight to it! I will also post during this or next week about the people that I have picked to be in my wedding I can’t wait for you to meet them lol! If you are planning to get married, or already married what tips would you give me? I would love to know so go ahead and leave a comment or send me a message. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.