Engagement pictures!


The day we took our engagement pictures was truly magical because the setting was so perfect! It had just finished raining, the temperature was amazing, and everything was just right. The funny thing is that we would reschedule so much because we didn’t have the time to take them, but the timing of God is always perfect. Here are some of the pictures that we took with our amazing photographer/ youth pastor Enrique Mayen! (Please follow him on his instagram, and let him know I sent you: Emayen 23 and check out his website: www.photographybyenrique.com )



As you can see we were at the beach, and then headed out to the city it was awesome!!! I still have more pictures saved up that I will be posting later on. I cannot wait till my wedding because not only the setting will be amazing, but I have the most amazing photographer I could ever ask for. One thing that I learned is to let the photographer use his imagination! I was not picky at all because I know that whatever he had in mind was beyond beautiful.

If you are going to take any types of pictures, and you are looking for someone to capture your magical moment I recommend Mr. Mayen! He will not let you down and again go check out his site you will not regret it!!! For everyone that was waiting for this blog post…you’re welcome lol! See I told you that I was back, but you just didn’t know it lol! I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at.


Printage App Pictures!

Hey everyone! Today I am so pleased to introduce the Printage app! They are a company where they transform your pictures into memories. What I love about this is that the pictures are the ones where you stick on the wall leaving no damage to your wall at all! Also, you can move them around and put them in the order you want so it is amazing! Take a look on mine and I will explain more about them in the next paragraph.




I have many pictures to post up, but some are just to precious to leave them without not putting them on a wall. These 3 pictures have a story behind, which I will not get into it right now, but I love seeing them everyday because it reminds me to keep on going. Printage is affordable, easy to use, and fast shipping!!! If you would like to check them out please visit this website and make sure to download the app! If you hate holes in your wall, and want the pictures to be movable this is where you should go! 


Let me know if you get to order some of your pictures!!! Make sure to tag me so I am able to see it, and also tag them when you upload it on instagram. 


Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C. 

Oh my goodness

What a day!! Yesterday I did not have time to sit down because I was just so busy. From studying, working, updating, planning, and meetings I got so caught up with time. One thing that I love is that I got an extra hour to sleep which I am still getting used to it. I already was used to the old time, and this just messed me up. I wake up at 2 thinking it is already 3 am lol! To think that winter is upon us is making me more sleepy because it is said that it will be snowing THIS FRIDAY! Am I ready? Part of me is a yes, but the other is a straight up no. So far I like how it looks during fall! Photo credit goes to my boyfriend which you can find him at:


And his Instagram is:



One thing that I am excited about is that my watch which is going to arrive in the mail! Ha! I am getting this because I won a giveaway that my girl Sam made in which she partnered up with the company Watches By Jord. SO PROUD OF HER! If you want to check her out go to her instagram which is:


and her website is:


when you do let her know that one of the admins named Michele from MHB & FYT sent you! lol! Her content is amazing I am sure you will love it, and plus she is such an amazing person. If you would like to see the site where my watch is coming from the link is:


 Feel free to check it out! 

Thanksgiving preparation is now starting in my home, and Christmas music has been playing since November started. I am so blessed and thankful that the Lord granted my dad and uncle another year of life this week. Honestly, both of those two mean the world to me, and for them to celebrate their birthday through skype is so heart-warming. Besides that, my nephew will be born any minute! It was said that he should have been born the 13th, but I think my little one just wants to say hello to the world. lol! When he is born, if my cousin gives me permission, I might post up a picture of him so you will all be able to meet him. I am literally that type of aunt that will show the nephew’s and niece’s like crazy lol! 

Tomorrow I will post up something else in my blog in which I will be sharing with you. It’s one of my many dreams that I had, and I finally decided to share the news. I want to give a shout-out to my girl Morgan who pushed me in finally doing it, and finally making it happen! You can find her on instagram as:


and her website is:


I am even surprised that my YouTube channel finally reached up to 100 subscribers! I haven’t even posted nothing up, but I am getting ready to start uploading music by making covers with my director. I honestly cannot wait! You will see me really soon on YouTube, and when that happens you all will know. 


With that being said….stay tuned for my next blog post that will be up tomorrow. I will share one of the many dreams that I had in which it’s coming true. I am so blessed to know that the plans of God for my life are so perfect, and bigger than my imagination. I hope you all are having an incredible first week of the month! Depending on where you are at I hope you all have a great day or night. 

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace.

Michele C. 

PhotoTile Story

Every picture tells a story, and every story shows exactly how you got to where you are at now. I am proud to say that I had the honor to collab with PhotoTile App which is a company that creates your pictures come to life, and will make your house pop. To get photos like the ones I am about to show you, you need to download the app, pick the pictures you want, and just create them into simple tiles. The shipping is super fast too! It is said to be delivered by the weekend, but it literally comes in 3 days after you order it. One thing that I like about PhotoTile App is that you can remove it, replace to another part of your house, and most important NO HOLES! You just stick them and in a matter of seconds you have your own “Wall Of Fame” or “Wall Of Memories” like I like to call it. 



Like I said before, each picture tells a story and this is mine.



Back in the day, I always dreamed of having my own group to worship and praise the Lord. If you have been following me already then you know I grew up and raised in a Christian home with the most amazing parents. My dreams came crashing down due to a few people that I know for a fact if one day I will EVER get to see them I would be proud to say: I MADE IT! They were one of biggest reasons why I hated going to church, disliked Sunday school in the morning, and because they never saw my true potential and always wanted to rule the place I left from there in a heartbeat. 

My baby sister and I had this craving to worship God because it was a fire that was always there. I was always told, “Michele get down from that cloud your dreams are impossible.” Newsflash…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! When I went back home to my actual home church I felt that fire beginning to light up. The most amazing, talented, and wonderful man Alberto Alfaro (my worship leader) not only gave me a chance but saw my talent! The minute I walked in church he gave me a chance to show what I got, and on that note to show God that he made me with a purpose that I was going to full-fill.

Two pictures show where my sister and I are holding a microphone. Ashley was given the chance to share her testimony, and how God was working in her life. On the other hand, I am singing to God because I was so blessed to be back home and I fell not only in love with church, but also in love with God even more. During that time we were also given a chance to LEAD a group of children that is called VBS! The bottom picture shows exactly how we started, and the top one shows how our group is now! As I type this I cannot help but cry of happiness. My group has grown so much that we have now made it official and we are called The Truth

I am madly in love with my ministry, with my team, with people who support us, but most important of all with God because he made my dreams…our dreams possible. Planning to go on tour with them on 2019, making endless music, and praising God till the end of our days is an amazing feeling! When I see God work through them, I see the message he tries to send me along with their smiles. I am literally their mom and I am so happy to know that I am their music leader. I asked God for a team when I was little, and the Lord gave me more than what I ever imagined. The talents? Way better than I ever thought….I know for a fact that not only I but WE MADE IT! These photos show not only my story….but all of our story. 



So who am I and what do those pictures say about me?

My name is Michele Carvajal and I am a gospel singer, songwriter, blogger, upcoming YouTuber, worship leader, student, hard worker, not ashamed of my faith, daughter of the most highest, and a true fighter to make all the dreams that God keeps putting in me…come true. So blessed to say that as each day goes by, each and every dream becomes into a reality. 

Again, thank you PhotoTile App for presenting my story in pictures, and I will be ordering some for when my special event happens which is around the corner. Not only for that specific one, but for all others because I want to show my story throughout my whole house! Everyone be sure to download the app on your phone and order your pictures! You will NOT regret it! With this being said, depending on where you are at I hope you have a blessed day or night.

Pictures taken by the one who always believed in me since he met me I love you so much!

Enrique Mayen:


God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace.

Michele C. 

Download PhotoTile App NOW! Pick your pictures and share your story! 


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