It takes two to tango (part 2)

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Oh the jealously in relationships can take a toll huh? Today I want to talk about how not trusting, and being jealous about every little thing can harm one another. Yes, I am starting out this post very brutally honest because a lot of people sometimes can’t tell that what they are doing is wrong. How so? Keep on reading, and if you find yourself in this situation I would say that the change happens now!

Manipulative, controlling, jealously, and not taking the time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes can make you seem self centered. I hate when girls are so freaking jealous that their boyfriend, fiancé, and heck husband need to have their “alone” time because all of a sudden they are “cheating”. NO HONEY! Just like every girl needs their alone time so do the guys! I am not being on anyones side, but I am literally putting myself in a different perspective here.

When it comes to girls, I can see a lot of guys doing the same crap, and that isn’t healthy at all. I am a strong supporter in which everyone needs their alone time, time with friends, and being alone with their family. You CAN have a friend of the opposite sex, and not have any sentimental relationship at all. Why is that? Sometimes having a good friend that respects you can come in like a blessing because you get to see a different perspective without assuming anything bad.

My husband and I have friends that we can trust, and even go out with. We have no problem in spending time alone, being with the family, or just go out and have fun in a good manner. Feel me on this one? no? Keep reading. Everyone NEEDS to recharge and have the feeling of missing your significant other so intensely that heck….not only does it spice things up, but also the bond gets stronger. It is okay to be to ask him/her about what is going on, but assuming things without talking ….that is bad.

I don’t support in going through messages, emails, texts, or even social media because at the end of the day the only person that is getting fooled is them. What I do support is having a communication that can be stronger day by day. Also, if your significant other came from an and relationship its important to start slow, and give them their time to get used to it. Actions speak louder than words so if you want them to change show them, act on it, but don’t say things that will harm them more than what they already are. 

Speaking from experience, I came from terrible relationships where this one guy cheated on me on two girls that had the same name (terrible), and to kill it even more someone else cheated on me with a girl that had the same name as the others. When I look back at it, I can’t help but think how stupid I was for getting mad at that…instead I should be thankful that stuff happened or else I wouldn’t be better than they are. (yes, I know what they are going through now, and its hilarious.) That’s karma baby. 

When I dated my husband, I remember I was starting to be a control freak because oh honey I was paranoid. However, his actions spoke louder and I will never forget a serious conversation we had that made me change my perspective about him. Boy let me tell you…what a conversation we had! I am blessed that I have someone that speaks the brutal truth, and that shows me how things should be. The same goes for me showing him things so he won’t act crazy on me. 

So what are my tips on this blog post? *ahem* Check it out:


  • Let your significant other have fun with his friends, and don’t blow up his phone. That will just show how immature you are, and instead send him one text asking how the day is going and to get back safe. THATS IT!
  • Don’t get into his social media because if he loves you he won’t do anything at all. Instead joke around with him about using fb, ig, sc, or whatever he has. 
  • If he is out with his family while you see his snaps from relatives having fun DO NOT get so worked up. That is his family and if y’all aren’t even married don’t even say that you should had been invited. The time will come when you will lol 
  • If a “close friend” is speaking bad about him to you put that so called friend in his or her place. Instead of hearing them, be truthful and in a nice way tell your partner what you have heard. Communication is key!
  • If your guy is out having his alone time, girl chill out and let him be! Sometimes he needs to be out to get a hair cut, have a spa day alone, go out the movies alone (especially if you hate the movie he wants to see), and let him eat out alone. The man needs to recharge, and that is the perfect time to let him see who you are. 
  • If your guy has a friend of the opposite sex, and has been there for him first than you do not get jealous. Why is that? If he met her first before you came alone then that means he has chances to be with her, but he picked you after meeting you. Does that make sense? Sometimes it’s good to have a GOOD FRIEND that can put him on check for you, or let him have a different perspective. 
  • Try not to text so much and instead call each other, or see each other often. Using texts can always have miscommunication on a lot of topics creating unwanted fights. 


  • Let your girl breathe! Stop being so immature in hitting her up all the freaking time. If she tells you that she needs her alone time trust me…LET HER!
  • When she is out with her friends don’t text her so much because chances are that she is trying to catch up with her girls. 
  • Everyday tell her she looks hot even though she might be sick. One word can trigger a women’s brain, and that can be the fuel she needs to get things going throughout the day.
  • Support her every goal! If she wants to workout go with her, and be her main support. I know a lot of men that prefer their girl to be unhealthy, and even dress to the point of them not being attractive because “others” might get her. 
  • If she is out with her family, don’t call her so much because she is trying to enjoy quality time with her loved ones. If you aren’t invited that just means its not the right time, but you will soon get your chance. 
  • Don’l look at her social media but instead talk things out if you feel that something weird is going on.
  • Actions speak louder than words! Instead of sending her texts why don’t you just make something? Don’t spend so much money on things that won’t be so meaningful. If you think about her write her a poem, make something cute out of paper, or anything else you can possibly think of. Trust me us girls LOVE things that are handmade especially if we see that it came with the pure intention of making us feel loved, wanted, and respected. 


They say old love is the best love, and I couldn’t agree more! I feel like I was definitely born in the wrong time because text messages or Facebook posts are just wack. I love poems written down on paper, something hand made, or a small picnic out at the park with PB&J sandwiches which my husband did that for me one time ha! I feel like back in the day people knew how to maintain a relationship, and knew what the word respect meant. 

Always remember to keep the love alive, the bedroom spiced up, and the bond stronger than yesterday. Never underestimate the power of communication, handwork, and actions because those are a total win. Well, this is it for today! If you haven’t seen my last post go ahead and check it out!!! Make sure you also check out my YouTube channel for covers which I finally posted up 2 songs. It would mean so much to me if you subscribe as well, and if you would like me to do a podcast let me know! I am open to suggestions! 

Love ya’ll. 


It takes two to tango (Part 1)

A few days ago, a close friend of mine asked me a question in regards on how to keep up with a relationship. The moment she asked me that question I couldn’t help, but remembering since my husband and I started dating till now. One question that she asked me was, “How often do my husband and I text and if it has changed throughout our journey?” with that in mind I decided to write this blog post in case someone out there needs to see this.



I am going to be VERY honest, when Carlos Andres and I started out as friends we would literally text every…single….day! We would message each other even before going to sleep, or even if we would hang out with friends. As the time went by, we stopped talking for about a year, but continued to message each other once in a blue moon due to something that was going on at the time. Later on, we reconnected and started dating in which we had a lot of ups and downs.

It was never perfect, but we managed to pull through and try to live it up day by day. At this phase, we would only text during night because our schedules were the same at this stage. For example, we took the same classes, he was my lab partner, we sat side by side, we had the same breaks, we studied together, we worked in the same place, and we both went to the same church! So by the time it was night time we would just text each other “Goodnight see ya tomorrow babe!” and that was it.

It was sorta interesting because it was like someone was playing our dating life as if it was a delicate instrument. What I mean by this is the fact how everything was kept in balance, but we NEVER went to sleep mad at each other. I will never forget the day where we had the first argument, and since I came from relationships where guys never cared I thought he was going to be the same. Boy was I wrong! He kept me up till we resolved the issue, and then we went to sleep. 

Old picture….2014? At the Tercer Cielo concert lol! 

I also remember how we would stay up till late via Skype studying, and quizzing each other before an exam. Social media was kept to a minimum to the point where people would ask if we were still together lol! Facebook is “meh” I usually go there for memes, but he never uses it. Instagram is my favorite but he only goes there for memes or inspiration to workout. Snapchat, I use it but he never does ha! However, twitter is a big one for him, but for me its literally “meh”. 

The only 3 apps that we used to communicate with each other back in the day were: Viber, Skype, and messenger. We kept our relationship to a minimum through social media, and again when we texted it would be kept to a minimum. When we got engaged we would text a little bit more then usual because of the wedding planning, and other than that I think that was it. I feel like the less social media is used the better the relationship, and healthier conversations may emerge.

So going back to the question, “How often do my husband and I text and if it has changed throughout our journey?” Now that we are married….we hardly text each other! lol! Communication, responsibility, and trust is KEY to a healthier relationship and lifestyle. In my next post, I will be writing about those three topics that I just mentioned, and I will break it down little by little. Another post will be on how to conquer jealously cause I know a few people out there with this exact problem. 

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Whistle while you wait

You might be wondering why the title “Whistle while you wait” am I right? Today I want to talk about why waiting for the right person to walk into your life is very important. I have met many people that always want to rush into a relationship, and end up getting hurt in the end. I have seen many others that end up “falling in love” with one person, and could care less if the other individual uses them just to be with them. What do I mean by that? I mean friends with benefits! One might think that it is okay to be with someone they really like because they will “soon begin to like them”, and that my friends is a total lie. People take advantage of the other individual thinking only about themselves, but not about the other.

Waiting for the right one is very important because you may never know if the one that is right for you is literally watching your every move. Also, the right person for you can even be your best friend, but you are to blind to even see it. Waiting is a key essential to a successful relationship that will end up being a long term. December is upon us meaning Christmas is just a few weeks away, and I know that some that are single are wondering why they are still alone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, DO NOT rush into a relationship where you end up getting hurt! The first thing to do is to love yourself before loving anyone else!!! 

I want to share with you all two videos that will explain what I am trying to say from my favorite all time day-time tv:


I think that all sums up exactly when I mean Whistle while you wait. Don’t you ever settle for less, always look for the best, work on yourself, and love yourself. At the end of the day your true love is really you, and not the other person. There is no better feeling after you love yourself whole because when that happens then you know exactly that you deserve better. It might take you a while but in the mean time do you!!! If this has spoken to anyone out there I am glad that I helped. This was it for today and I hope you have a great day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Thanksgiving My other half

Thanksgiving Day 4

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Thanksgiving Week

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Free Money! Cash Back!

Okay now I want to introduce you all to someone very important to me! I usually do not write a lot about my relationship, okay sometimes I kinda do, but not so much because I like to keep somethings private. Today will be dedicated to my very best friend, my love, to the one that always believes in me, my number one fan, and my boyfriend Carlos Andres. We have been through so many things, and what is crazy is that the way we treat other looks like were either best friends or we just started dating. We have been together for over 4 years and 9 months (tomorrow will be 10 months) and till this day it barely feels like we just started our journey. 

We have been best friends since the year of 2011 and started dating by 2014. During the time when we were just good friends we were both dating other people. I remember we used to rant to each other about the idiots that we were involved with at the time, and had a good laugh about everything. It never crossed my mind in being with Andres just because he was only my friend, and nothing else. The way that we met though was hilarious because I was really mad at the time that I met him. Wanna know the story? Here it goes!

As some of you know I am a singer/songwriter, and the day that I met him it was during a talent show that was going on. Andres was the judge (I know crazy right) and I was the one trying out to get into the show. A mutual friend that we had at the time literally pushed me in the room because he loved the way I sang. I wasn’t really felling it because that day I was going through something with an ex of mine, and I was just so freaking mad. I remember I walked in and the first person that I saw was my boyfriend. He looked at me ONCE I started singing so basically he was in lala land when I walked in, and when I sang the first note that is when he looked up. 

From that point on was just the start of our story that we both never knew it was going to end up with us being together. We have been through so many things, and we conquered one of our most hardest times ever! We have never took “breaks” because we both do not believe in that, and the beauty behind us is that if we have a problem we sit down and fix it. I don’t want anyone to feel offended but for Andres and I taking breaks is for the weak. Meaning why take a break when you just can break up? Taking breaks is for weak relationships, and that means they will never be happy even in marriage. 

We have conquered so many things through the years that we can both finally agree that we are in an amazing place. We put God in the center of our relationship, we pray for each other, we laugh at each other, and we have so much fun! We have this habit calling each other “bro” at times that one day someone really thought we were siblings, and I am telling you we were laughing nonstop the whole day. I love this man so much and the plans that we both have for our future are nothing but amazing. God has been great to us by showing us his love, mercy, and his grace. Especially by giving us both patience to handle each other lol!


Andres knows that I love him to the moon and back! He is forever my best friend, my bro, my boyfriend, my partner in crime, and much more.  A healthy relationship like ours will make you go to sleep each night with a smile, and wake up with a positive attitude. He is my purpose partner and honestly that is the biggest gift I could ever have because he fills up my heart. I am the creative mind he is the logic side so we are both a balance, and thanks to that we are achieving our goals faster then ever. Thank you babe for all that you do you literally rock sir! lol! If you guys want to check out his website you can do so at:

He will start posting up more after our semester finally ends, and he will talk about health! He has before and after pictures on his blog site, and will upload new ones very soon so keep an eye out! Do you have an significant other that you are thankful for? Make sure you let him/her know how much they mean to you! I hope you all have a very blessed day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.