It takes two to tango (part 2)

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Oh the jealously in relationships can take a toll huh? Today I want to talk about how not trusting, and being jealous about every little thing can harm one another. Yes, I am starting out this post very brutally honest because a lot of people sometimes can’t tell that what they are doing is wrong. How so? Keep on reading, and if you find yourself in this situation I would say that the change happens now!

Manipulative, controlling, jealously, and not taking the time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes can make you seem self centered. I hate when girls are so freaking jealous that their boyfriend, fiancé, and heck husband need to have their “alone” time because all of a sudden they are “cheating”. NO HONEY! Just like every girl needs their alone time so do the guys! I am not being on anyones side, but I am literally putting myself in a different perspective here.

When it comes to girls, I can see a lot of guys doing the same crap, and that isn’t healthy at all. I am a strong supporter in which everyone needs their alone time, time with friends, and being alone with their family. You CAN have a friend of the opposite sex, and not have any sentimental relationship at all. Why is that? Sometimes having a good friend that respects you can come in like a blessing because you get to see a different perspective without assuming anything bad.

My husband and I have friends that we can trust, and even go out with. We have no problem in spending time alone, being with the family, or just go out and have fun in a good manner. Feel me on this one? no? Keep reading. Everyone NEEDS to recharge and have the feeling of missing your significant other so intensely that heck….not only does it spice things up, but also the bond gets stronger. It is okay to be to ask him/her about what is going on, but assuming things without talking ….that is bad.

I don’t support in going through messages, emails, texts, or even social media because at the end of the day the only person that is getting fooled is them. What I do support is having a communication that can be stronger day by day. Also, if your significant other came from an and relationship its important to start slow, and give them their time to get used to it. Actions speak louder than words so if you want them to change show them, act on it, but don’t say things that will harm them more than what they already are. 

Speaking from experience, I came from terrible relationships where this one guy cheated on me on two girls that had the same name (terrible), and to kill it even more someone else cheated on me with a girl that had the same name as the others. When I look back at it, I can’t help but think how stupid I was for getting mad at that…instead I should be thankful that stuff happened or else I wouldn’t be better than they are. (yes, I know what they are going through now, and its hilarious.) That’s karma baby. 

When I dated my husband, I remember I was starting to be a control freak because oh honey I was paranoid. However, his actions spoke louder and I will never forget a serious conversation we had that made me change my perspective about him. Boy let me tell you…what a conversation we had! I am blessed that I have someone that speaks the brutal truth, and that shows me how things should be. The same goes for me showing him things so he won’t act crazy on me. 

So what are my tips on this blog post? *ahem* Check it out:


  • Let your significant other have fun with his friends, and don’t blow up his phone. That will just show how immature you are, and instead send him one text asking how the day is going and to get back safe. THATS IT!
  • Don’t get into his social media because if he loves you he won’t do anything at all. Instead joke around with him about using fb, ig, sc, or whatever he has. 
  • If he is out with his family while you see his snaps from relatives having fun DO NOT get so worked up. That is his family and if y’all aren’t even married don’t even say that you should had been invited. The time will come when you will lol 
  • If a “close friend” is speaking bad about him to you put that so called friend in his or her place. Instead of hearing them, be truthful and in a nice way tell your partner what you have heard. Communication is key!
  • If your guy is out having his alone time, girl chill out and let him be! Sometimes he needs to be out to get a hair cut, have a spa day alone, go out the movies alone (especially if you hate the movie he wants to see), and let him eat out alone. The man needs to recharge, and that is the perfect time to let him see who you are. 
  • If your guy has a friend of the opposite sex, and has been there for him first than you do not get jealous. Why is that? If he met her first before you came alone then that means he has chances to be with her, but he picked you after meeting you. Does that make sense? Sometimes it’s good to have a GOOD FRIEND that can put him on check for you, or let him have a different perspective. 
  • Try not to text so much and instead call each other, or see each other often. Using texts can always have miscommunication on a lot of topics creating unwanted fights. 


  • Let your girl breathe! Stop being so immature in hitting her up all the freaking time. If she tells you that she needs her alone time trust me…LET HER!
  • When she is out with her friends don’t text her so much because chances are that she is trying to catch up with her girls. 
  • Everyday tell her she looks hot even though she might be sick. One word can trigger a women’s brain, and that can be the fuel she needs to get things going throughout the day.
  • Support her every goal! If she wants to workout go with her, and be her main support. I know a lot of men that prefer their girl to be unhealthy, and even dress to the point of them not being attractive because “others” might get her. 
  • If she is out with her family, don’t call her so much because she is trying to enjoy quality time with her loved ones. If you aren’t invited that just means its not the right time, but you will soon get your chance. 
  • Don’l look at her social media but instead talk things out if you feel that something weird is going on.
  • Actions speak louder than words! Instead of sending her texts why don’t you just make something? Don’t spend so much money on things that won’t be so meaningful. If you think about her write her a poem, make something cute out of paper, or anything else you can possibly think of. Trust me us girls LOVE things that are handmade especially if we see that it came with the pure intention of making us feel loved, wanted, and respected. 


They say old love is the best love, and I couldn’t agree more! I feel like I was definitely born in the wrong time because text messages or Facebook posts are just wack. I love poems written down on paper, something hand made, or a small picnic out at the park with PB&J sandwiches which my husband did that for me one time ha! I feel like back in the day people knew how to maintain a relationship, and knew what the word respect meant. 

Always remember to keep the love alive, the bedroom spiced up, and the bond stronger than yesterday. Never underestimate the power of communication, handwork, and actions because those are a total win. Well, this is it for today! If you haven’t seen my last post go ahead and check it out!!! Make sure you also check out my YouTube channel for covers which I finally posted up 2 songs. It would mean so much to me if you subscribe as well, and if you would like me to do a podcast let me know! I am open to suggestions! 

Love ya’ll. 


Some of my favorite Youtube channels

From regular tv shows to Netflix, Youtube has become one of the biggest ways to literally “watch tv” online, and for free!!! Today I want to share with you all some of my favorite channels, and please let me know what you all watch now a days. I will be updating the wedding series on my blog later on next week because I am still working on my content to give you all the best advice, and tips on how to plan a wedding stress free. If you would like to see some of the posts that I already have on here, you can click below on some of the links that I will provide. Enjoy! 

Wedding party favors

Engaged, but what happens now?

It’s all about the music


Bare Minerals Influenster Foundation Stick review

Today I am so excited to share with you all of what I got in the mail. Are you ready to see it? Check it out!

I was going to write about this about two weeks ago, but I had to test it out first. I got so happy because I got the same exact shade that matches me, and I can even use this foundation as a concealer. It literally blends and takes away my dark under eye circles. It leaves my skin looking flawless, and you can’t even tell I have this on! I normally don’t wear foundation on my whole face because I only need it for my under eye circles, and a few red spots that I might get from eating something heavy the day before. So what I do is that I try to blend it very well by soaking up warm water, and tapping my beauty sponge all over the parts that I want to cover. 

I have never tried a stick foundation, and I must say I love it!!!! The results turned out better then I expected, and I will get another one once I run out of this one. This blends very well with the Bare Minerals concealer or even the fenty beauty! You need to go to your nearest Sephora or Ulta and try to check out if they have your own shade because they have so many. I suffer from very dry skin, which everyone can hardly tell, and this did not break me out. The packaging? Is so adorable! 

It is good to take with you on the go, and it also the color of the container is aesthetically pleasing. If you have tried any other products from this brand please let me know down below which one is your favorite! I would like to check it out for myself. I received this as a complimentary for Influesnter in exchange for a review, and everything that I said is true. I would never promote something that would be bad for me, but also keep in mind that not all of us has the same condition of skin. Before you buy this, make sure you test it out first to see if it will help you out. There are so many products out there that are hard to trust. So be sure to get something that is right for you! If you have any product that you would love for me to review please be sure to let me know, and I will go to the store to check it out.

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 


Quotes that Inspire me

When I used to have depression and anxiety back in the day I would always go on Instagram or Pinterest and look at the most random quote ever. Sometimes by reading a few quotes can change your whole entire mood! Last year, I wrote a poem about anxiety and depression which if you would like to read it, I will link it at the end of this post. 

Today I want to share with ya’ll some of the quotes that helped me during my times, and I hope it helps you too. Ready? Here we go: 

God Guides and Provides Quote

Image result for inspirational quotes

Image result for inspirational quotes

Inner Light Quote

Image result for inspirational quotes


Smile Quote

Image result for inspirational quotes

Image result for inspirational quotes

I have more that I will share later on with all of you, but there were some that stood out to me the most. When I used to be at school, there was a small chapel that I would always go to so I could be alone. I am a proud evangelic, so even if the school was catholic I would go to a little corner which was like a library, stay there for a few minutes, read my quotes, and pray. I used to go there and cry so much because there were things that I was hiding. It is HARD being the silly one from the bunch of friends that you may have, but sometimes the funniest one is the person who never feels okay.

I know how it feels when no one understands you and especially someone trying to pressure you to be “out” and “happy” all the time telling you to just smile. It doesn’t work like that at all and some stubborn people push you to your limit making you just burst, and making you just distance yourself from them. If you are going through a very tough time I will be praying for you! It is okay to be alone, it is okay to cry, but never forget that the sun will always come out once you accomplish on erasing whatever it is bothering you.

I hope this helps you out in any way, and again feel free to read the two poems listed below. If you relate to that and would like to talk to me feel free to message me. 


Depression Through My Eyes

Anxiety In My Eyes

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Motivational Monday

One of the things that I love to do the most now is working out! I used to be so active when I was younger, but as I grew up due to so many responsibilities I let that go. I talked before on how unhealthy I was, and the things that I used to do before becoming lazy to not even wanting to walk for one minute. Back in the day I used to swim, belly dance, martial arts, yoga, ran, speed walk, danced in my room for hours, and I used to even lift weights. Also, I used to weigh 118 if not 120 so basically when I saw that I was at 120 I would rapidly go back down to 118. 

The question now is: How in the world did I bounce back to the lifestyle I had? I will be honest, I am still getting back to the old me one step at a time, and it is NOT easy. It takes a lot to wake up at 6 am, meditate, and get ready to leave by 8 am to work out till 11 am. Also, the things that I now eat is a night-mare even though I spice things up because I hate food that is not tasteful. I used to eat so many veggies, fruits, and I used to drink only veggie juice (disgusting) but with an apple…. it made a difference. However, I needed to find my motivation, and that is a few special events going on this year.

I won’t go into much detail because little by little I will be telling ya’ll what is happening, and not only is that my motivation but it is also the health that I have now. I hardly get sick, I get very active in the morning, I finish my tasks quicker, and by the end of the day I do not feel tired at all. There are days where I just want to be lazy, not do nothing, and zone out in my own world and that is okay! Being alone is also amazing because you get time for yourself, and reboot! My question is: What is your motivation? try to find something that motivates you to get up and going! 

A few things I do to get ready for my day are:

1. Meditate. 

2. Read my bible.

3. Put some bomb worship music.

4. Write my tasks for the day. 

5. Get my drinks ready. 

6. Eat: my meal preps.

7. Pray before I leave home. 


That is all I do and before I forget here are some pictures that either my girl Nat saved, or I took out from memory lane. Maybe it is not a Thursday for #tbt but it sure is #MM which for me is: Motivational Monday!



Now the next picture is a bitter sweet one because it was not only an amazing day, but also broke my heart into two. There is a big story behind the following picture which was where I started gaining weight. My cousin is with me in this pic (don’t we almost look the same though?! lol!). When I am ready I will tell the story to the stage of my life in which I was having while this picture was taken. 


In ALL of these pictures presented here were up to the age of 22….22 ya’ll!!! From that point on I started to completely lose myself each second at a time. It took me just a few years to be unhealthy, lose who I really was, and much more. However, I am thankful for each year, each experience, and every time I would get so mad because if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be the person that I am now. 28 years old going on to 29, bouncing to the stage where I was good, and most of all getting myself back together in every aspect in my life. 

I can’t wait till I post up before and after pictures though!!! I have been only putting up pictures of my face instead of my whole self, but trust me I will soon. My body is slowly changing, clothes are starting to fit, and much more! Even my confidence has boosted up like how it was before. I remember walking into a room with low self- esteem, and not believing in myself due to the things I was going through. Now that I am more connected to the Lord, have the friends that were meant for me, and an incredible boyfriend everything is possible. Won’t he do it?! 

If you are struggling through something, and want to talk to someone send me a message I would be happy to help you out. Keep an eye out tomorrow because I will either put up blogging tips, singing tips, or even meal preps! Stay updated and do not forget to subscribe to my blog. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Maybelline Unboxing

There are so many other companies out there! However, some companies might be a scam so watch out for those that only ask for your money. When you want to review a product you get it for free in exchange for a review. Also, some companies might say to give you the money, and they will return it (which happened to me) and they were honest. You really need to research different types of companies that you get into!

The next company I am very excited to talk about because I used to get a lot of things from them until they had to update their system. With the new system that they have, I am still trying to learn what they are doing because it does not look like the old version at all. I low key miss how it used to be because it was so simple to use I thought I was not going to get anything, but to my surprise I did! 

This company is bzzagent! bzzagent gives out products in exchange for a review! Are you ready to see what I got? Alright beauty gurus get your hands on this product now because Valentines day is around the corner! 


I love this color a lot and I like to blend it in so it does not look too strong on me. I got this in the shade “Ruby For Me” and I love it!!! Every girl needs a red lipstick in their life because it looks good on everyone! Also, I got 6 coupons to use for when I decide to buy or give it away to my friends that would like to try it. If you want to see more unboxing from me then stay tune because I have tons of them coming your way! If you are a makeup guru let me know, and tel me your opinion on a product that you might see on my page! Go ahead and join bzzagent and start getting products I promise you….YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Sleek Makeup Unboxing

Influenster come through!!!! This company is honestly amazing because you get things in exchange for a review. Shipping is free, you don’t have to pay nothing, and you just review away. The only thing you need to do is put in your address and you are set! Are you interested in joining? Then what are you waiting for! Download the app and click on the link that I will provide for you so you can join NOW! It is easy, takes seconds, and you get products! Make sure you follow the rules in what they want for you to do to get selected. To join click the following link:


I got selected to review Sleek Makeup! In my box I got and eyeshadow palette, highlighting palette, and eye liner. 


I love this palette because it has all the colors I love! This includes shimmering purples, intense ultra violet, and smoldering gold shades. Just check this out!


The other thing that I got in the box was the highlighting palette! 


This comes with two velvety powders and two luxurious cream formulas. The golden, metallic finishes add a radiant and luminous glow to the skin. 


Next thing I got is the Fierce Felt Liner!




This is all I got in my box, and I am in love with all the colors! It felt like Christmas when I got my box lol! The pigment is true to its color, and it is easy to take off without a problem. If you would like to join influenster make sure you click on the link I provided on the top of this article! If you have tried these products, let me know if you liked them and what is your favorite! Don’t wait and join the community now! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Unboxing Beauty Products

Let me start off with, I LOVE INFLUENSTER!!! If you have no idea what it is trust me… TRUST ME you are missing out! This is a company where you do NOT pay for shipping, pay for products, and in order to recieve a product you need to do campagins and you also need to review. No credit card required, shipping is free, and the only thing you need is your address! Are you ready? If you want to join in go ahead and click on the link to enroll! It is easy, takes seconds, and it is free! Make sure you download the app first and then click on the link that I will provide for you.


Today I want to talk about what I won! When you win something from influenster it is because you have done exactly what they send you. For example, reviews, posting on social media, and even visiting either ulta or sephora. This is what came in the mail and the products that I won! Check this out! 


I am going step by step so the first thing that I won was this dry hair spray.


The next thing that I won was the Lancome Paris LE METALLIQUE in the color Mirrored Nude.


The next thing that I won was the SinfulColors Professional Nail Polish Glow In The Dark in the color “Witch Hazel Bohn”.


Last but not least I won the Skin Ceuticals H.A Intensifier “Corrective Serum Amplifies Skin’s Hyaluronic Acid Levels By 30%”



This is all that I won in just one box! Now stay tuned because I got something else that I want to show you all that I got from this amazing company. I am very excited to try all these products especially the nail-polish!!!! I am literally so hyped because it is glow in the dark lol! Which was your favorite item so far? Or what have you tried? Let me know! And I hope you join influenster! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Singing for beginners

When it comes to music I AM YOUR GIRL! Here I will teach you a few methods that I used to do when I first started to sing. Now keep in mind I am a gospel singer, and I have been singing since the age of 2 years old because half of my family is involved in the music community. This takes time, practice, patience, and so much love! So if you love music and would like to know how to start singing here are some tips for you to improve.

1. Books– Don’t get it twisted I only mentioned the word books, but it is not for you to read them. Lay on the floor, put some books on your abdomen, and sing from “DO” to “DO”. For example, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do and check if the books are going at the same rhythm as you are singing it. 

2. Do NOT force your throat– Try to sing naturally as if you are just playing around. If you force your throat to sing then you are NOT doing it correctly because it needs to flow naturally from your abdomen. 

3. Nasal– If you are singing nasally then correct it because that is not only annoying, but also it is not a proper way of singing. When you sing nasal you are forcing so much notes into you that you won’t be able to even catch your breath. 

4. Hot drinks– By this I mean tea and warm water! If you are barely starting and learning how to sing then try to avoid cold beverages as well as drinks that have so much sugar. You need to try to drink tea with water so your throat can be ready for when you sing a tune.

5. Copy– When the music starts do you just dance, but not sing? Pick your favorite artist and try to mimic their voice, and try to rest in between a few lyrics so you can go at it again. The more you sing along with the artist the better your voice will be able to be tuned to the song. 

6. Tune your voice– Besides singing from “DO” to “DO” there are other ways to practice in order to be able how to sing. I will leave a link down below so you can check out what I mean by this! 

7. Relax– Try to relax your body when you are learning how to sing because the more tense you are then the more you won’t be able to accomplish anything. Singing takes all of your body to be able to sing out a tune.

8. Riffs & Runs– The famous thing that all of us singers do! Have you heard how Tori Kelly does her riffs? Well, that comes in with practicing along with a musical instrument. I do riffs in my songs, and they come out neat. Try to concentrate on the tune you want to riff, start out slow (very slow), pick it up a notch, and once you are able to do it slowly then put a little speed into it! 

9. Splurge– I would say try to buy a small piano (it can even be a kids piano), and also get a microphone which there are some cheap ones in amazon. You need to really hear your voice, and along with the instrument you will be able to fix your tunes. Besides the actual song from an artist, you need to sing every note that the piano might give you. Basically it is within each key! 

10. Do your own thing– There are always trainers on YouTube for free, but be aware each method they give out is different! Some may work on stuff that you do not even need so my advice is to research what technique is best for you ONCE you have learned how to sing.

11. Niche– Find your niche in the music community! Remember that the ones who can rap cannot sing, others that do r&b cannot do country, and the list goes on so try to find your style in the music world. Once you do that then you will be able to start off successfully into your singing abilities. 

Example #1: 


Example #2:


If this has helped you out in anyway let me know, and I will also put up a cover of mine to show you guys how I sing. I can’t wait to get back into YouTube and just be myself by putting up my content. If you love to sing then give it a go, be yourself, and have fun! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C. 


10 ways to work on your faith

I have had a couple of people asking me the same question: How in the world do you still believe in God when things seem to go bad? The answer is simple my friends and that is to have faith beyond it all! If you are barely getting to know God, and have no idea on where to start then I am about to help you get started on this wonderful journey. A lot of people who are new get scared to even ask members from the church because they get so obsessed, try to chug you down the bible, and don’t understand that you are barley starting making you not to even go back to church. 

What to do

1. God is your best friend– You need to talk to God as if he was one of your friends, and remember that before you even say anything God already knows! 

2. Pray– Prayer works in mysterious ways but I would say just be yourself, and let it flow naturally. You can start by saying, “Hey Lord its me…ya boy..” lol! I know it sounds silly but trust me you will feel comfortable because at the end of the day it is between you and God!

3. Bible– When you read the bible do you get tired of seeing so many words? Try to be the person that the bible is talking about, and act it out. Sometimes you even need to have a visual set for you to understand what the bible is trying to say to you. 

4. Music– I talk about this ALL the time! Get your playlist into worship and praise! I do not mean the old songs I mean the good ones! Jonathan McReynolds, Yolanda Adams, Tori Kelly, Kirk Franklin, and much more! Once you bounce into one of the songs your day, mood, and faith is already set! 

5. Write out– Have you ever just want to sit down, and write out to God? Make him be your pen-pal, and write your heart away. I am a singer and songwriter so I usually write to the Lord in a form of a song it helps me so much. You can write to God what your goals are, and pray over it so they can be accomplished and remember that God always knows best! So if one thing does not happen chances are God has something better for you! 

6. Friends– Get friends that are filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ! I have a few friends that I love so much that have this every second of everyday. They are fun, outgoing, and most of all love God with all they got. They do not chug down the bible, and we see every concept differently, which when we share them with one another, we get to have an open mind. GET GOOD BUDDIES!!! 

7. Ignore certain people– By this I mean church people or even your friends that do not know the Lord, and might even make fun of you because you are walking with Jesus. God knows you better than ANYBODY and trust me other opinions from different people will become irrelevant once you figure this out. Church people can be too judgmental so watch out for that, and focus on you! Friends that are not in the spirit might want to make you do bad things that do not please God so try to stay away from them if they do not understand or you, or even support you! 

8. Listen– When you go to church listen carefully on what the pastor is trying to say. There are always hidden messages that actually will be directed to you, but understand that the pastor does not even know your problem. Every time when someone is about to preach they pray for God to speak through them, and that way whatever God would want to say the message gets out for certain people that need to hear a specific statement. 

9. Seek– You need to keep seeking the Lord every single day because the more you do the more your understanding will be. You will be able to give better advice to people that really need to hear you, and sometimes you would even surprise yourself because you had no idea what you just said! However, trust me the person you speak to will understand completely, and you might even change their life. 

10. Learn– You need to learn that having a strong faith takes time, patience, practice, but also it is a test. God is sometimes very quiet during difficult times and it is then when your faith needs to be stronger than ever. Remember that when you have faith the outcome is better than expected, and if it doesn’t then you will see something fruitful at the end of a difficult journey. Go and read the book Job so you can see what happened in his life! 

One More Thing

A religion with God is a relationship between you, and Him!!! I identify myself as a Christian, but if you want me to be completely honest my religion is the love I have for the Lord and everything is between Him and I! I have had so many ups and downs but one thing that I was working on was my relationship with Him! It is like having a relationship with your significant other see what I mean?

I do not let anyone get in between my relationship with the Lord, and I always work on it! It takes work, patience, discipline, and so much love! If I can do this trust me when I say so can you! I am working on my e-book which is coming out this year so keep an eye out, and it is about faith so I am hoping it will be a blessing to your life. Send me a message if you have a question I will be happy to respond, and I hope you are having an amazing day or night depending on where you are in this world. 

Related image

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.