The End of a Decade

As I sit here thinking about the previous years, the only thing that goes through my mind is, “Dang…Won’t he do it?!” Let’s go way back and see how much I changed. 

  • 2010– Started fresh at Triton college after taking a year off from school, had a job at a hospital, was thinking of starting a blog, deleted my YouTube channel, and I really did not know how to manage my anxiety.
  • 2011– Met my husband by the end of the year (we went to the same college), I was getting ready to graduate, I entered the worship team at my church, and got out from a really toxic relationship. 
  • 2012– Traveled to Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Florida, and I forgot where else lol! I started taking classes that would help me out in my career, and I spent as much time as I could just figuring out my life.
  • 2013– I took some classes at DePaul University, my husband became my tutor, I lost control of my eating, gained weight, and was getting stressed a lot during school. 
  • 2014– I transferred out of Depaul, went back to triton, my husband became my boyfriend, and from that point on my whole life changed. I was able to reconnect with my creative self and started writing songs all over again. 
  • 2015– Met a few people that I am so glad they are out of my life, started to control my anxiety a little more, got done with triton, and ended up going to Dominican university. 
  • 2016– This year was the one that was very difficult for me. Started this blog, reopened my YouTube channel, had my braces all over again, made a channel with my other half, traveled a little more, and what broke my heart was that I lost my abuela. She was the rock of our family, and I can still remember everything that went through my mind when I got the news. 
  • 2017– A few friends that I love died this year, it was a very hard stage because I was really negative, had depression that no one knew, but throughout everything I know God was just making me stronger for what was to come. I was embracing my ministry at church a little more than before, and I started to fall in love with the Lord all over again.
  • 2018– I went to a retreat that changed my life (shout out to my youth pastor), started getting more into the word of God, prayed for the Lord to remove fake friends (which this year he did!), my confidence sky rocketed, made new friends, got closer with my sibling, started writing content for my channel, wrote more on my blog, took “me time” very seriously, my significant other and I conquered so many things, and last but not least God put all the pieces together in time. 
  • 2019– Got engaged in February, traveled with my sister and mom, wedding preparations were on point, got a new job, went back to the gym, changed the color of my hair, crossed the stage, got married in November, redo my blog site, moved to a new home, detoxed from social media, bought the stuff that I always wanted, learned to save more, turned 29 (last year in my 20s!), reconnected with an old friend of mine from church, and by the end of the year God showed me his love like you have no clue. 

So the question is…What lies ahead of 2020? All I know is that something great is going to happen this year, and I am letting the Lord take control of everything. It is sad to hear on the news of what is going on throughout the world, but I know that if God is on my side my faith shall not be shaken. I have so much to put out on my social media, and I cannot wait till you guys see what I have in store. Love you all and I hope this year is the best year for all of us! 

~A decade in pictures 2010-2019~


If I can…So can you.


This is me….at 4 am…..ready to go to work at my dream hospital!!! Since I was a little girl I always wanted to work in one of the best hospitals where I am from, and Glory to God that my dream came true!!!! Quick story are you ready? I hope that whoever reads this gets inspired, and get their gears going at school. No one and nothing is an obstacle….the only obstacle is you. 

I always wanted to work in the medical field…ALWAYS. However, that dream started to fade little by little due to a few events that happened in my life, and also around a few people that are really close to me. However, I didn’t stop there and I didn’t let anyone tell me otherwise. I had people who doubted me that made me doubt on my own self. I had teachers that told me I would never pass, and then again I proved them wrong. I had “friends” that would say nice things to my face, and stab me in the back.

I had a few family members that tried to play me, and treated me as a joke. Despite of all of this, my faith in the Lord grew, my self-confidence started boosting up, and most important of all I started hearing the voice of God to take care more of myself. I worked at different places, and even a hospital where they literally TRIED to make me feel stupid just because I wasn’t in the same “level” as them. I had a job where old co-workers at an orthodontist made me pick up trash, and TRIED to put a bad recommendation about me. 

I had stalkers…STALKERS and so many haters that their jealousy would boost up in their veins, and you could see it pop in the middle of their forehead. What can I say though? They were my biggest fans because till this day some of them still try to “check up” on me, and they think I have no idea. With all of this, I started working extra hard, put in more hours, cried when no one was looking, and did my very best to get recognized in order to get my name out there. 

Guess what happened? The devil didn’t win, and God put me beyond every single person who ALWAYS wanted to see me down a dam drain. Also, age doesn’t mean you are “old” it means you have more wisdom, it means you get new people in your life that love you who are LOW MAINTENANCE which understand you have a life, it means that you do not let a day get to you, and it means you keep on trying because when you “fail” it just means it was practice. 

It is my 3rd day in which I remember a long time ago during this time I prayed for an environment where I can work in peace, and where people would get to see my true potential. I believe that prayer works, prayer makes it’s way, and God gives you what you need in the correct time. I can say that God has showed me his love, mercy, and his grace! Today I stand proud, with tears of gratitude, with my degree, with the news that I can continue my education at the same place I work at, and with a heart filled with love.

The whole point of being in the medical field, is having one foot in the door of an amazing organization in order to keep growing. Having one foot in the door for more opportunities, and always trusting in the Lord that he will make a way. Today I can say…I made it. I made it because despite of every situation God pulled me out of, and because when I really thought I was about to give up he said, “HOLD IT HONEY I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU!” 

Not only do I work in my dream job, but besides that I also work online as an influencer. I have an amazing team with the Tribe Girls and MHB in which I am an admin in, and we have big dreams for our team. I have my parents who are my rock, and my sister who is my hype girl. My fiance who literally believes in me, and motivates me like ya’ll have no idea. I have wonderful friends who will be my bridesmaids that pray for me everyday.

I have my brothers and my nephew that are the other pieces of my heart back in Guatemala, and my cousins in Colombia which we connect as time never passed by. What can I say? I AM BEYOND BLESSED! My dreams keep coming true little by little, and it is not because of some “destiny” this is because I WORK HARD! I love love love my life! I cannot wait to see what God has prepared for my future because another opportunity is coming up in which requires hard work, but I will do it because the Lord will give me the strength. 

Hello, my name is Michele Carvajal born in Chicago, IL, daughter of a father from Colombia & mother from Guatemala, and better known as Mishi. A girl who went to Mary Lyon Elementary School, went to Steinmetz High School, which then went to Northwestern College, to Triton College, to Depaul University, and ended it at Dominican University. Dominican has one graduation a year, I graduated last year, but I have to cross this May. Former employee at Edgebrook orthodontics, Triton College, Gottlieb Hospital, Dominican University, and Northwestern Hospital. Today I stand PROUD with my dream hospital….I am an employee in one of the best sections with people who are extremely wonderful. I am an employee at Loyola University Medical Center in which it is based on trinity, and we have other hospitals around which include: Gottlieb Hospital, Macneal Hospital, and sister to Mercy hospital. I am an influncer, gospel singer, song-writer, blogger, and trying to make my way in this world. I am a girl that will continue her education to get a higher degree, and promotion. One day, Lord willing, win the the Grammy for best Gospel album of the year…honey I declare that! Just watch, and hopefully build my own companies with my Husband to be. That is who I am and it is so nice to meet you.


If this has inspired you in any way I am glad it did! Remember this: You might cry now, people might doubt you, but do not let that get to you. YOU BETTER SHOW THEM! but please show it to yourself! If I can do it….so can you! If you want to send me a message and talk about something you are going through, and would like for me to pray for you go ahead and do it. I am also willing to give you advice so don’t wait…the change starts NOW! I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are in the world.

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 


When there is no time plan it out

Hey ya’ll! Okay so I have been busy these past few days because I was doing a heck of a lot of things which I ended up with a job!!! I will be working at Loyola Hospital which was one of the main reasons why I haven’t blogged. I had to go to interviews, schedule physical appointments, and going out with my mother to check out things for the wedding. Ah the wedding! That is another reason why I have not been blogging because, knowing me, I love to do things early to be way ahead of the game.

I have a planner that I got tired of carrying around with me, and now I leave it at home which I had to desperately find a way to schedule my day. Don’t get me wrong though, I still write in my planner, check the things I have done, and make sure I transfer it to my new app. Through searching online, I found an app called TimeTree which I have been enjoying lately, and it works perfectly! It shows you exactly how to schedule your day, shares it with the people you want, & gives you time to breathe without getting anxious.

Image result for time tree

Another reason why I love it, is the fact that when each of us is too busy to text, we already know what is going on based on what the calendar says, and I love it! I can actually tell my fiance to get on the app, and we will both be able to see each others schedule without having to text each other.This is actually a good way because it lets both of us know when we are busy, and help us coordinate our schedules in an organized matter.

We both basically have our own calendar, and there is one where we both share that can sync up our times. Both working in the medical field, doing projects, and getting things done for our upcoming events can make us anxious as to thinking, “Does he or she have nothing to do right now?” so this is why this app is perfect. I highly recommend for all of you to try it that is if you have such a busy day as mine. Also, I like that I can even plan to sit down and write away!

Related image

On time tree, we both have our own unique colors to help us see who is doing what. So for example, my stuff is in pink, his is in blue, and ours together is in purple because blue and pink make purple. Get it? lol! This is just another way to let us know not to bother one another when we are busy because at the end of the day time tree tell us what is going on. I hope you give this app a try! It is worth it and the best thing is that it is free to download! 

Okay so now I will try to write 2 blogs a day, and the times are going to officially be 6pm and 7pm Central time. So if you haven’t done so already, please be sure to subscribe to my blog so you will not miss out on a thing. At 7pm today, I will be talking about another topic that will help you out if you are getting married. Are you ready? Stay tuned! 

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace.




Quotes that Inspire me

When I used to have depression and anxiety back in the day I would always go on Instagram or Pinterest and look at the most random quote ever. Sometimes by reading a few quotes can change your whole entire mood! Last year, I wrote a poem about anxiety and depression which if you would like to read it, I will link it at the end of this post. 

Today I want to share with ya’ll some of the quotes that helped me during my times, and I hope it helps you too. Ready? Here we go: 

God Guides and Provides Quote

Image result for inspirational quotes

Image result for inspirational quotes

Inner Light Quote

Image result for inspirational quotes


Smile Quote

Image result for inspirational quotes

Image result for inspirational quotes

I have more that I will share later on with all of you, but there were some that stood out to me the most. When I used to be at school, there was a small chapel that I would always go to so I could be alone. I am a proud evangelic, so even if the school was catholic I would go to a little corner which was like a library, stay there for a few minutes, read my quotes, and pray. I used to go there and cry so much because there were things that I was hiding. It is HARD being the silly one from the bunch of friends that you may have, but sometimes the funniest one is the person who never feels okay.

I know how it feels when no one understands you and especially someone trying to pressure you to be “out” and “happy” all the time telling you to just smile. It doesn’t work like that at all and some stubborn people push you to your limit making you just burst, and making you just distance yourself from them. If you are going through a very tough time I will be praying for you! It is okay to be alone, it is okay to cry, but never forget that the sun will always come out once you accomplish on erasing whatever it is bothering you.

I hope this helps you out in any way, and again feel free to read the two poems listed below. If you relate to that and would like to talk to me feel free to message me. 


Depression Through My Eyes

Anxiety In My Eyes

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Weekend Vibes

Well what a weekend this was! I am so blessed and grateful that God has taken me through the first week of 2019. Today I took the time to talk to God (my way), and let me tell you that he answers quick! 

I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever.

Psalm 145:1

Today was maybe an eye-opener and a day where I had to trust what God was making me feel inside. I have been talking to the Lord for the past few weeks on something that I need in my life, and today I think I am closer to my answer. I am forever amazed at how he picks the right friends for you, and those that really care for you. Today I talked to a friend of mine that I haven’t talked to a while due to school, and she made my whole entire night.

Even though I still don’t have an answer, I know by faith that the outcome is going to be amazing by what her and I talked! It’s crazy how God talks through people, and they do not even know it. She will know this after she reads this post, but I felt a tremendous peace, not just because I am hoping for the best, but because I know that everything is in the hands of the Lord and everything will be alright.

That peace right there ya’ll is one that I wished everyone would experience because it is something I cannot explain. What have you been struggling on? is it school? job? relationship issue? or something that is going on in your life? I don’t know what it might be but trust me when I tell you that even if the outcome is bad you will look back on this, and laugh at it later on because you will see that you are still alive.

Image result for god is good

It doesn’t matter what happens as long as you live through it, believe that God will take you out of it, and you will be victorious because the devil will not be able to touch you. It is at those times where you need to be silent, trust God, and watch him work as long as you have faith! With faith you can move mountains, make the ocean quiet, and even make the sun move because when you believe that God is the almighty and has everything in his power then that is when he shows you all his glory.

I honestly cannot wait to see what God has in store for me this week! I want the time to pass by super quick because I feel good things coming, and when I say that this is my year I mean it! Also, keep an eye out for my e-book! It is crazy that I took this step and literally I am writing my heart out for this e-book, and I hope it will be a blessing to you all. Also, I have been doing a few covers for my YouTube, but I can’t find soundtracks so guess what? I will be doing acapella till I find a good soundtrack for a song that I would want to do. When i post one up I will upload it on to my blog so you all can check it out! 

Also, I did a poll on twitter and I saw that the Blogging Tips & Tricks got the majority of the votes. So I will keep doing a series of blogging for you all so stay tuned because more is coming your way! Again if you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe to my blog, follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and on Twitter. If you have content that you would love for me to check out please let me know, and I will do it. I pray you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 
Michele C. 

11 ways to improve for 2019

I have been thinking and talking to people that are so busy, but have no time in doing things. Last year went by so fast that I honestly did not feel the time at all! I want 2019 to be different and I am sure you want the same too! So here are 11 ways for you to improve for 2019, and also it will give you time to enjoy this year. 

1. Organize– Organization is key! I have seen that when I have everything very organized I get more energy to do stuff, and I am able to keep track on my time. Plus I find all of my things exactly where they belong instead of being thrown on the floor, or clothes on the chair.

2. Clean– When you clean you see everything that you have lost! Get into the habit of cleaning your home more, and put some music to boost up your mood. Also, you hardly even get sick in a clean home so it is a total win for you.

3. Light– Bring in some sunlight to your life! Make sure the curtains are wide open when it is daytime because if you have it closed it only makes you want to go to sleep. The more sunlight you get the more energy you would also obtain. 

4. Finance– I know we all love to splurge but have you thought of just keeping it simple? Try to do some diys instead of wasting so much money on things you do not need. Learn how to start saving up so you can have enough if you want to go on a vacation this year. Spend wisely! 

5. Health– Get your exercise on and start eating healthy! Start by doing baby steps this whole month, and watch yourself getting better at it in the next coming months. Do not give up and work on your goal! 

6. Faith– This is important because it keeps you moving throughout the year. No matter how things go have faith that everything will come to pass. When I am in a difficult situation, I start to think of myself a week from that day, and I laugh because I know that I will be okay. 

7. Friends– Ha! Pick your friends wisely!!! If you have a feeling in your gut that they are not the ones to be in your circle then cut them off completely. You are doing this for yourself because remember who you hang around with not only reflects who you are, but also how you do and feel. 

8. Learn– Try to learn something new this year and stick to it! Remember that everything takes time, patience, and love at what you will be learning. So take this year to get on track and heck learn an instrument or even a new language! That is exactly what I started doing!

9. Don’t be afraid– This year DO YOU! This year is YOUR YEAR! Make sure you make the best of it, and don’t let peoples opinions get to you. If you want to do something then JUST DO IT! I just sounded like the Nike logo lol! 

10. Planner– Keep a planner with you at all times and get ahead of your game. The more you plan things then the more you will be able to accomplish your own goal. Remember to put the date as to when you want to achieve your goal too so it can give you motivation!

11. Relax– This year try to relax in every way possible! Sure you might have to go to work or even to school, but you need to have peace in it all. Take some time away, turn off social media, go MIA for a few days, and concentrate on YOU! This totally helps because I do it too! You even get back new energy to accomplish each task you set your mind to. 

Related image

This is all I have today! What do you wish to accomplish this year? Whatever it is you do I hope you get to your goal!!! Remember the only person stopping you is…YOU so go ahead and do you boo! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.

10 ways to work on your faith

I have had a couple of people asking me the same question: How in the world do you still believe in God when things seem to go bad? The answer is simple my friends and that is to have faith beyond it all! If you are barely getting to know God, and have no idea on where to start then I am about to help you get started on this wonderful journey. A lot of people who are new get scared to even ask members from the church because they get so obsessed, try to chug you down the bible, and don’t understand that you are barley starting making you not to even go back to church. 

What to do

1. God is your best friend– You need to talk to God as if he was one of your friends, and remember that before you even say anything God already knows! 

2. Pray– Prayer works in mysterious ways but I would say just be yourself, and let it flow naturally. You can start by saying, “Hey Lord its me…ya boy..” lol! I know it sounds silly but trust me you will feel comfortable because at the end of the day it is between you and God!

3. Bible– When you read the bible do you get tired of seeing so many words? Try to be the person that the bible is talking about, and act it out. Sometimes you even need to have a visual set for you to understand what the bible is trying to say to you. 

4. Music– I talk about this ALL the time! Get your playlist into worship and praise! I do not mean the old songs I mean the good ones! Jonathan McReynolds, Yolanda Adams, Tori Kelly, Kirk Franklin, and much more! Once you bounce into one of the songs your day, mood, and faith is already set! 

5. Write out– Have you ever just want to sit down, and write out to God? Make him be your pen-pal, and write your heart away. I am a singer and songwriter so I usually write to the Lord in a form of a song it helps me so much. You can write to God what your goals are, and pray over it so they can be accomplished and remember that God always knows best! So if one thing does not happen chances are God has something better for you! 

6. Friends– Get friends that are filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ! I have a few friends that I love so much that have this every second of everyday. They are fun, outgoing, and most of all love God with all they got. They do not chug down the bible, and we see every concept differently, which when we share them with one another, we get to have an open mind. GET GOOD BUDDIES!!! 

7. Ignore certain people– By this I mean church people or even your friends that do not know the Lord, and might even make fun of you because you are walking with Jesus. God knows you better than ANYBODY and trust me other opinions from different people will become irrelevant once you figure this out. Church people can be too judgmental so watch out for that, and focus on you! Friends that are not in the spirit might want to make you do bad things that do not please God so try to stay away from them if they do not understand or you, or even support you! 

8. Listen– When you go to church listen carefully on what the pastor is trying to say. There are always hidden messages that actually will be directed to you, but understand that the pastor does not even know your problem. Every time when someone is about to preach they pray for God to speak through them, and that way whatever God would want to say the message gets out for certain people that need to hear a specific statement. 

9. Seek– You need to keep seeking the Lord every single day because the more you do the more your understanding will be. You will be able to give better advice to people that really need to hear you, and sometimes you would even surprise yourself because you had no idea what you just said! However, trust me the person you speak to will understand completely, and you might even change their life. 

10. Learn– You need to learn that having a strong faith takes time, patience, practice, but also it is a test. God is sometimes very quiet during difficult times and it is then when your faith needs to be stronger than ever. Remember that when you have faith the outcome is better than expected, and if it doesn’t then you will see something fruitful at the end of a difficult journey. Go and read the book Job so you can see what happened in his life! 

One More Thing

A religion with God is a relationship between you, and Him!!! I identify myself as a Christian, but if you want me to be completely honest my religion is the love I have for the Lord and everything is between Him and I! I have had so many ups and downs but one thing that I was working on was my relationship with Him! It is like having a relationship with your significant other see what I mean?

I do not let anyone get in between my relationship with the Lord, and I always work on it! It takes work, patience, discipline, and so much love! If I can do this trust me when I say so can you! I am working on my e-book which is coming out this year so keep an eye out, and it is about faith so I am hoping it will be a blessing to your life. Send me a message if you have a question I will be happy to respond, and I hope you are having an amazing day or night depending on where you are in this world. 

Related image

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

So you want to start a blog but you have no idea on how to do it. Am I right? Here I am going to share a few things that I did wrong, and how I was able to improve them especially how I even started blogging! I had started blogging a few years ago, but I was so bummed out because I saw that I was getting no where, and also got discouraged very quick. 

Things I did Wrong

1. Gave up.

2. Tried to search for ideas that others have done.

3. Hearing negative people saying that blogging would not work.

4. Deleted my blog so many times, and created a new one.

5. Wanted results and I wanted them fast. 

6. Not improving my design. 

7. Not communicating with people in the blogging community.

8. Not putting myself more out there.

9. Not catching up with my plans.

10. Not being consistent! 

11. Hiding from social media.


Here is the thing, by doing all of this I never got from point A to B! Also, I did other things like changing my name a bunch of times, not finding my correct “niche”, and I even got scared of putting myself out there because I thought people would not like my content. I stopped blogging for almost an year, and I started to do research while I was still in school in learning more about the blogging community. When it comes to blogging, it takes time, patience, and even putting all your love into it. 


Things I learned

1. Never be afraid what people will think about your content.

2. Be yourself with each article you write. 

3. Consistency is key.

4. Make sure readers know when you post.

5. Find your own format.

6. Be original.

7. Talk about the things you love. 

8. Communicate more with your audience.

9. Make an aesthetic eye pleasing blog. 

10. So your own research if you will talk about politics, medicine, and etc. 

11. Putting myself out more in all my social media platforms. 

Image result for blogging


Another thing I used to do, which I changed very quickly, was changing my name for every single social media platform. I had to find one that would connect everything under one name, and had meaning behind it all! Besides that, I had to change my mindset to stop thinking on what the people may think once they read my article because chances are they would really want to see it! Plus I never stayed consistent and never promoted the heck out of my articles like I do now. 


What I do now

1. Consistent – I make sure to post exactly like how I have in my planner. I will do another post later on in which I will show you how I plan my posts.

2. Time– I pick a certain time when I want to upload my posts, and I stick to it to so that my readers know when to check back.

3. Original– I am original with what I write on my blog, and I pray that whatever I write will touch someones life.

4. Niche– I honestly do not have one because I like to write of whatever I want! Beauty, fashion, workout, diys, music, and the list goes on! Just write whatever you want cause it is YOUR blog! 

5. Design– I make sure I stay up to date to design my blog so it can be eye-catching to the people that click on my blog. It has to look nice, good color background, and I take my time into creating the perfect blog site. 

6. Brand Name– I had to make up a brand name for my blog, and especially for all my social media. This is because it would be easier for people to find me under the same name. If you want to see how I got my name click here:

7. Plan– I usually plan out my days but what I love is that whenever I have an idea (doesn’t matter the day) I get on my computer, and decide when I want it to be uploaded. I would usually pre-upload my blog so it can upload itself on a given day that I want.

8. Promote on Social Media– Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Google+, Youtube, and on Instagram! Promote your blog and share it so people can check it out! Do not be afraid because there are some out there that, not only will see it, but it will speak to them. By the way you can find me on all my social media as Mishipcm!!

9. Communication– I communicate with different bloggers, comment, and I even like their posts. I take my time into reading other people’s posts and give my input. Not only will they notice you,  but you even gain some amazing friends in the community. 

10. Update– You already have a blog post, but that same idea that you have there has been already updated? SHARE IT! Re-write an old post, tell the readers how you updated that idea, and put a link to the old one so that they can compare and contrast. 

11. Never Give Up– Blogging takes a lot of time, and so much love into it. It is like starting a job, but you have nothing to go for it yet! However, as time passes by you see that it gradually grows. Keep on working towards your goal for your own blog! 


Another helpful tip is to always write tags which will make other people around the world look up your blog. Also, start with a free blog so you can start working to gain audience, and make sure that you stay on top of your game. The more you do all of these things I have told you the better your blogging experience will be. I will later write out a better guide for you, and also a checklist as well as some topics that can benefit your blog. If you have any questions please let me know so I can better help you out! Blogging community is a family so if you are just starting then WELCOME!!!! Never lose faith in your content because all of us who are already in it struggled once, but this is why we are here to guide you. I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at. 

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace. 

Michele C.