Sunday Devotional

Its time for a Sunday Devotional!

Today in the morning I did not go to church because I am still sick. Anyways, as I started to pray I remember of what happened yesterday. My sister and I were at home and we started to hear a song that I used to sing to her when she was just a baby. It was so amazing how I would always sing this song, but I never really thought about the words. It goes something like this:

“Over the mountains and the sea

Your river runs with love for me

And I will open up my heart and

Let the healer set me free.”

You guys might know what song this is already, but if you don’t I will link it down below. Yesterday I was starting to feel a little bit sad because not only am I sick, but also my mom. When this song started playing the words grabbed my full attention. The phrase “Let the healer set me free” got to me! Here I was thinking that I was going to have a terrible night, but really I keep forgetting who is the real doctor in my life! My one and only healer is God! I prayed so much and I asked God to not only heal me physically, but also in any other part of my life.

I have been working so much that I sometimes forget to even pray. When we get sick due to so much work, not only do we get sick physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. I took the time yesterday to evaluate every part of me, and see what needed to be fix. I had to replay this song for more than 4 times so I can digest every single word, and when I finally did I felt like the spirit of God came over me. It is something I cannot explain but I cried so much, and my sister and I started praying.

Today even though I did not go to church, I woke up so much better! I feel like I can tackle anything but I still feel a little bit sick. From a 1 to a 10 I can say I feel like an 8! You see when you believe in God you start to believe and make sure that he is your “healer” he takes his time and works in you. I can proudly say that I am a work in progress because sometimes I might fail, but the Lord is so amazing that he catches me right before I fall.  When I opened the bible today the verse on Psalm 30:2 caught my attention and it says:

“Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.”

Once I saw that I had a huge smile on my face because honestly, he is healing me little by little I just need to believe. Take this time and evaluate your life. Are you feeling sick? Are you feeling that at this point you cannot get up? Listen to the song and mediate on this and watch being uplifted in a way you would never explain. God is a good God you just need to let him work in you! You are loved by many, and unique in front of everyone else. Don’t let a sickness or a problem make you feel like you cannot do a certain thing because that is a lie.

I pray that anyone who reads this finds healing in their lives, and help the people that need to see this keep going throughout the day. April is here! Make this your month! Be healthy, eat healthy, workout, but never forget to also work on your spirituality because your life needs to have a balance. God bless you all, and if you need any advice on any topic remember I am just….one….click….away.

~Michele Carvajal


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