PRO FILT’R Instant Retouch Concealer FENTY

My review is…….THIS IS MAGIC!!! I bought this at Sephora and let me tell you it even conceals the fake “wanna be in the center” type of friends lol! Okay but lets get this review together shall we?

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Fenty beauty…RIRI come through! Not only is it creamy, long-wearing, crease-proof, and light as air but this comes in 50 shades….50! Whatever you foundation number is for you that is the same number as the concealer so you barely even have to match yourself cause it is ALL there! I have broke my bank trying to find the perfect one because I suffer from black under eye circles, and once I put Fenty on it changed my life. 

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It made me throw away my old one that I have (to be completely honest), and I can’t wait till I buy another one. The packaging is very nice, the bottle is so smooth, travel size, and every girls dream. Want to see the rest of the reviews? Check this out (you will also find mine in the thread lol!)

I am in the color 280! Check this beauty out!!! It really feels amazing and the cover is out of this world! I am now an official Fenty user! Other brands who??? Hmmm Can’t relate. 


I am so happy because there was literally this one left in stock, and I got lucky! This came out the 11th so my boyfriend and I went super quick to get it. I highly recommend this concealer so if you haven’t gotten one I have no idea what are you waiting for! Get on this now! Alright ya’ll this is all for today if you love a product that you would want for me to try out let me know. ha! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.


* All of the opinions are my honest review, and keep in mind that this might or might not work for everyone. Thank you.*

Alright everyone, how are you?! Yesterday I totally forgot to post because I was just so tired. I had so many tasks that I needed to be done with, and then I was talking to my girls at FYT that after that I just felt like someone made me go to sleep. It is that kind of tired where you are just so happy that no matter what you do you get this vibe where everything is just rewarding. Today I was too happy because I started doing something with some of my friends that honestly they are just very good at event planning. All I am going to say is that next year is going to be LIT! I will let you guys know exactly what I am talking about when the time comes because my boyfriend and I are literally too blessed that everything we have ever dreamed of is finally coming true. Right now I will be talking about a product that made me throw away a lot of facial products to the garbage. I only kept some because they actually help my skin.

I suffer from very dry skin that it makes me laugh when people say that they love my color, and don’t get me wrong I love the color of my skin its just the dry part which aggravates me. I started researching a few products, and I came across with Kiehl’s which really helped me out. It is a little bit expensive, but it is totally worth it, and it works for me! Just keep in mind that not everyone has the same skin issue so this might or might not work for you.  I bought the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and also the lip balm in which I am saving up to buy the other products that I need.  This is the website so you can check it out along with the referral code:


The way you use it is different from other products because you literally need just one small size of everything for your face. I tend to put a few dots only in the parts where my skin is dry, and then I put my other products in the rest of my face (I will make a post about that later). I am so happy that the dry spots on my face have disappeared in one week of using Kiehl’s, and now my face is very smooth. The difference can even be seen in person because now my skin looks very healthy.  The cleanser is $10, toner is $8, moisturizer $29.50, and the lip balm was $9.50. I even got free samples of the serum which I fell in love with, and the one I am saving up for is the Youth Dose Eye treatment.  Kiehl’s offers formulas for every skincare goal: Boost Hydration, restore youthfulness, even skin tone, clear skin and more!


They even offer skincare for men, so girls get it together, and get your significant other skincare treatment lol! I already got my man into this that he is saving up for something he wants lol! I am so happy that I found this brand, and honestly cannot wait to try out their under-eye treatment. I will let you all know how it works for me when I get it, and also I will talk about the other products that I use for the rest of my face on another post so stay tuned for that! Before I forget, there is actually a blog post that talks negative about the brand because it did not work for them. My advice is to first try it out on a small part of your skin, and then buying the product. I hate people who talk crap about other brands just because it did not work for them at all. A post needs to say, “It did not work for me but that does not mean it will not work for you so try it out!” We are all different and what might not work for someone it can actually be a miracle for you. You will never know unless you try!

With this being said, I hope you all look into this brand if you suffer from dry skin, and also if you have sensitive skin because this worked for me. Again, try it out before you buy it because you can go and ask if they have samples for you to take home. I hope you all have a great day or night depending on where you are at!

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace

Michele C

L’Oréal Elnett Hairspray



Hey loves!! As some of you may already know, I am a proud member of Influenster and I love to review like crazy! Influenster is a company where they will send you products as in exchange for a review. There is no charge for shipping what so ever which is a bonus! If you would like to sign up click on the link to start your own reviews!

This hairspray gave me life!!! First let me talk about the way it smells. I know every hairspray has a unique smell, but this one was just AMAZING!! I liked how it made my hair extra fresh after I would do my hairstyle. What was weird about this (unlike other brands) it surprised me how my hair was not even too tangled when I would brush it before going to bed. My hair is super wavy so I always have a problem with my hair getting tangled. However, this hairspray helped me so much and did not damage my hair. I usually use hair products 3 days in a week because I try so hard for my hair to be healthy. I would normally just spray this on for Sunday, but when I saw the results it just became part as my daily routine. The packaging as you can see it’s super cute I believe you can buy this at any store that would sell hair products. What are your favorite hair products? I would love to know so comment away!!! Again, if you guys would like to receive free products without any cost sign up for influenster you will never have a dull moment!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. 

XOXO- MishiPcm

Fenty Beauty Review!

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb review 2

Drum Roll please….I FINALLY got my fenty beauty lip gloss!!! Alright so here is my HONEST opinion on the product. First, if you guys want to see me un-box the product click here to see the CLOSE UP on how it looks like:

Youtube: Fenty Beauty Unbox!!!

If you guys see the video you will know exactly what my reaction was, but I decided to give it a try and talk about it for a bit here on my blog. I actually…LOVED IT! I really need to buy a new one, and honestly I rather have this lip gloss then all the other ones I have. This is because it is so easy to apply, good color (check the video), and it holds on pretty nicely throughout the day. I also tried it by putting under the lip gloss my favorite lipstick, and man oh man did it give an amazing shine! For more details, go ahead and see the video because I talk about it more there lol! It totally leaves my lips hydrated which I loved, and it is an everyday color to wear. So will I buy it again? DUH! I will!!!! So yeah, this was it for today. Have you guys tried this lip gloss? Let me know what you guys thought of it, and if it worked out for you! God bless and have a great day! 



Hello World!

Hey everyone!! O…M….G!!! I have exciting news! I have new videos on YouTube!!! I currently have two channels, and I am loving it! I have challenges and much more! from beauty, music, and etc. Here are the links for you guys to check it out: 


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Honestly, this has been such an amazing experience because it gives a chance to express a little bit more, and share with everyone what I love to do. I will be giving out relationship advice’s, DIYS, cooking, covers and so much more. So far my week has been pretty busy because I am working hard for my dream. You need to work HARD to gain A LOT! Sometimes taking a leap of faith is amazing because you may never know what this life has in store for you. Your talents and so much more are great to share with everyone else because it gives you a chance to see your capabilities. If you are scared to do something because of “haters” trust me that if they talk about then that means you are SUCCEEDING! If I can do it with Carlos then so can YOU! I hope you guys check out my channels, and if you like something then go ahead and subscribe to both! Also, let me know exactly what all of you would like to see! Tomorrow we will have a video uploaded and so on because we will be consistent to bring all of you the best content. From being funny to realistic there is so much you will enjoy, or heck even might learn something new! Also, do not forget to hit that notification bell button so it will notify you when we upload. Alright ya’ll I will be doing another blog in a few minutes to share other news that I have in store for ya’ll. There is sooo much I want to say but this is the first thing that I had in my mind lol! A clue of the next blog? All the girls will be excited and so many men out there would want to check it out lol! Stay tuned!!!!! 



Bumble & Bumble: Influenster

Being a member of Influenster is literally like Christmas! Yesterday when I got home from work, I had a box outside that Influenster sent me to review. This product is the Bumble & Bumble DrySpun Thickening Spray, and it worked amazing for me! Honestly, I am very picky when it comes down to sprays because my hair is super wavy, thick, and tends to be oily. However this helped control my hair which made it super easy for me to even style it.  The box came with a card and on the back it says:

-Instantly Refreshes  Continue reading Bumble & Bumble: Influenster

Review: Infallible Paints

My search is finally over!! I feel like I got one of the best lip products ever from L’Oreal! I love nude colors, but there were some that I tried that never worked for me. Last week, I stopped at target and got this new lip product which is called Infallible Paints in the shade Nude star #312. This worked amazing for me and it did not dry my lips at all!  Continue reading Review: Infallible Paints

Beauty on the go-Spring



You know those days where you do not have a lot of time for a beauty routine because you need something fast? Especially to carry with you around in case of an emergency? Well, for me I always switch it up for every new season and these are the products that make me feel put together super quick!  Continue reading Beauty on the go-Spring

Review on Pond’s

As many of you ladies know…Make-up is LIFE! Once you step into Sephora or ULTA you know darn well you will not leave without buying something from those stores lol! (well at least I don’t leave empty handed lol!) But we have to admit that sometimes it is a pain to take off the makeup, and once you get home you just want to get into bed and forget about the world. My favorite brand to clean my face is the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser because it just takes it all off!


I have been knowing about this since it came out because my mom usually buys this brand like her whole entire makeup place HAS this brand as a cleanser. Yet, when my mother runs out of it she makes me go to the store to get her one lol! I have been seeing reviews about this make-up remover on the internet, and I thought, “Hey I should say what I think about this product!”   You can usually find this at Target for $4.99 or any other store even online. So go ahead and try this out you will not be disappointed.


Make sure you check out my other blogs for relationship advice! If you need any advice in any topic remember…I am just…one…click….away.


~Michele Carvajal