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Ah!!! Okay so as the weeks of finals are getting so close I bet I am not the only one who is running around trying to organize things that need to be done am I not correct? lol! This is A SIMPLE thing to do if you tend to forget things that you need to accomplish during the week.

Get yourself a PLANNER! lol! 

Everyday Moodlings, Erin Condren Planner.JPG

What I would normally do is write everything down in my planner to keep things neat, and I also set a specific time as to when I want to finish a certain task. If you do not have enough time to go to the store to get a planner then you can do one at home on your computer! 

If you guys have the Program “Word”, which of course I am sure everyone does, then you can go to the pages and find one that is already programmed and from there just write the things you need to do. It is that simple! 


Also, be sure to organize your books, papers, or whatever you might need to do in order for you to get to your goal. Another great way, is for you to put it on your phone to remind you what exactly you need to do. I tend to do that only for less important things because I hardly use my phone to put in my schedule.  



If you made it up to here then congrats! Okay so now for the good stuff lol! There is a 2018 LifePlanner Launch Sweepstakes going on to win an amazing planner from Erin Condern! To enter this amazing Sweepstake then go ahead and click on this link:

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and make sure you follow Erin Condren on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, & on Instagram! Good luck to all of you! If you need any advice in any topic remember that I am just….one….click….away. 

~Michele Carvajal




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