Poem: Dreams

A girl with a dream, A girl with a plan, never would she thought that with one simple step, is where it all began.
Walking down the hallway, tearing up at times, school and work were hard but she always stood up to fight.
From dealing with bullies, to getting some friends, she would always be humble and gave others a helping hand. 
The career is hard, the career is long, but with a faith like her’s , it will take her way beyond. 
As time went by she never gave up, because she knew that her Lord was her love, savior, and rock. 
Today she is strong, today she is wise, and she is almost done while looking back at that girl when she was young. 
How far has she come, how far is she making it, she always keeps going without hesitation. 
Now her future is open, her future looks bright, and today she is writing this poem feeling blessed, to see all her dreams starting to take flight.  
~Michele Carvajal 


  1. Cheila says:

    Just beautiful!!

    1. Michele Carvajal says:

      Thank you girl!!!

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