Back to school supplies

Alright, so many of us are going back to school because I mean education is essential right? Especially during this time where the world just seems to act stupid, but it also comes with spending on so many things. From tuition to supplies I took the liberty to nail down the specifics that we will all need, and we can save a ton of money! Also, I will be writing where I got the things because usually in other stores sell the SAME THINGS for a more expensive price. 

Now before I begin with the list keep in mind that I will put a link to the SAME exact item that I found at another store so you can see the picture to what I have! At the end of my blog I will put the website of where I actually got my things so you guys can check out which address of that store maybe closer to you. 

(Parents I know you will thank me later.) 

  1. Post-it: Post-its are great way to put a small reminder on a page of a book where you left off! This helps me so much because during the whole entire school year I find myself all over the place in my books, but this keeps me on track. Click on these links to see what I have Post-it: Target Price and also Target Price: Cube Post-it but these same items I got them at Bargins in the Box for only $2!! 
  2. High-Lighters: These babies are used to highlight important DETAILS on a certain subject NOT the whole book. I found my high-lighters at Bargins in the Box for ONLY $2! Click on this link to see the same item that I have and I am loving it! Target Price: High-Lighters
  3. Sharpies: These are great to use in order to make your review sheet before an exam. They help me see the important questions that I need to keep an eye out, and I found these at Bargins in the box for only $2! Unlike target, I got 5 sharpies in mine with different colors! Click on the link to see what type of sharpies I am talking about: Target Price: Sharpies
  4. Pens/Erasers/Sharpener/White-out: You guys we all need these to write down, and erase in class. I got my pens at target for $0.97 Target: Black Pens . My erasers I got them at Bargins in the Box which was buy 3 packs for $2, but you can click on the link to see the ones I have Target Price: Erasers. Sharpener I got it at Bargins in the Box for $0.50, and click on the link to see which one I am talking about Target Price: Sharpener and last but not least the white-out I got two of them for $1 at Bargins in the Box here is the link to the items that I have: Target Price: White out
  5. Folders & notebooks: These I buy at target because for each notebook or folder is literally $0.50. I will not put a link to this one because honestly target has the best deal in notebooks and folders. Just walk to the part that says “Back to school supplies” And you will immediately see it right there at front. 
  6. Pencil Case: We all need something to put in our pens, high-lighters, pencils, and etc.. which is why I bought my case at the dollar store. This one also does not need a link because the dollar store has some good pencil cases lol! 
  7.  Loose Leaf paper & Computer paper: Loose leaf can be found at target for $0.85 and computer can be found at Walmart for $3.27. Once you walk in to the back to school aisle it is right next to the notebooks lol! 
  8. BindersI always carry a binder with me and keep it organized as much as I can with the different subjects I take. My binder was only $3 at the Bargins in the box store ha! I have this same item only in the color White click on the link:            Target Price: Binder
  9. Dividers: The dividers for a binder is always a MUST since it keeps every subject in line. I bought these dividers at Staples for only $1.99 and here is the link so you guys can check it out! 8-tab Dividers
  10. Lunch-bagI take my lunch bag every single time because I do not have the time to go out, and grab lunch. Also, I hate wasting money every single day on food when I can bring my own. I do meal preps so this helps me out a lot! I got mine at Bargins in the Box for only $4! Target Price: Lunch Bag and yes I have this same one only in black. 

 So far so good right?  Now here are the ONLY two things that are a little bit expensive, but they are totally worth it. Also, these are the only two things that I spend the most because it helps me keep my school year life together. LITERALLY!

  1. Backpack: We all need a backpack to put in our things, but it also can be expensive. I took the liberty and went on the target website to find a cute one, but also can meet the requirements that we all look for in a backpack. Click on the link to check it out! Target:Backpack This one is only $20.99 but then again you can get whichever one you think might be best for you. 
  2. Planner: Planners are an AMAZING way to keep track of everything that should be done during the week. Also, we can put down what our main goal should be for that day, & try to accomplish it! So when you do it you can proudly scratch it off the planner and move onto the next goal. I got mine at target for only for $14.99 click on the link to check it out: Planner: Purple & Copper Color Block


As you all can tell I bought half of my stuff at Bargins In The Box! This is the link so you guys can find the store near you Bargins In The Box: Store Locations and also their Facebook page Facebook: Bargains In A Box Stores . This company is the best one yet because they sell the things that other stores end up not selling. For example, all those expensive things that people do not buy end up going to Bargins In A Box. The store has tons of big boxes and you have to dig in to check out what they have lol! My cousin who came from Colombia, found a huge fan with two mini ones that was selling in target for $99.99 but found it at Bargins in A Box for only $20.00, and it came with a remote. Also, before I forget…

STUDENTS you guys go to school to LEARN and NOT to flash the newest school supply trends. Instead try to find good deals and save your parents some money and yourself lol! Ya’ll don’t need a folder that’s around $8 just because it has a cool design which at the end of the school you guys might end up throwing it away. 

For my next blog I will be talking to those who are just entering high school, I will be talking to new college/university students, I will be doing new back to school outfits, and new back to school make-up! Stay Tuned for more! My goal in the near future is to do back to school giveaways so I will start being more active on YouTube. Be sure to follow me on social media and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet. Remember to love, enjoy, laugh, dance, sing, and be happy. Till next time XoXo.

~Michele Carvajal 




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