Today was an interesting day to say the least lol I love how God just answers, works, and gives you what you needed when you least except it. Some people ask me, “Girl how in the world do you just laugh at the world?” well, the answer is simple if you have God in the center of it all there is absolutely nothing that can shake you, or break you. When I came home from church, I decided to just put my devotional music because I am working on a few projects, in which I am getting inspiration, and the song called “Cycles” by Jonathan McReynolds started playing (I will link it below). I used to listen to this song every single day when I would be alone in my room, and I used to ask myself “When in the world would I feel the way I want to feel?.” You see, I used to look at the ones who would worship the Lord with a huge smile on their face (My favorite Tori Kelly!), and I could see this peace that didn’t have an end. I would admit, I would be jealous at these people because I was like “God I worship you and I try to do everything right….what am I doing wrong?!”  I mean, I did had blessings but that was just like a “sample” of what God was showing me…do you get me? It’s like you are walking into a store and you see this facial cream that you love/need, but you do not have the money to buy it even though you know what to do in order to get it. When you have to buy something that you really want, you need to work for the money first. Am I not right? Okay, so that is just exactly how God works! The Lord just gives you a small sample of what you can have, but in order to do that you need to be quiet to see what he wants from you.

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I remember that during the summer, I decided to isolate myself (around by the end of July), and I let him work in me so his light can shine through me. I clearly remember when I prayed this, “I feel sort of half empty, but I give you all that I have and please work because that peace I see in those people that sing for you…is exactly what I want!” Some of the samples that I had were being in the worship ministry, leader of an amazing team, writing songs, and a little bit more but I never expanded from there…crazy right? So, God started working like I never saw him work in my life lol! He changed my mindset and gave me so many ideas that in literally a matter of months they are starting to come true! He took away material things I did not need, and gave me the things I really need. He made me feel so uncomfortable around music that does not praise his name! I can’t be in the car listening to music that is not for God because I get impatient, and his spirit shakes me up. I could only listen to certain music that does not involve cursing, or things that are just bad. He took some of my hobbies and reinforced them for instance my songwriting, and my singing. He took away people that did not please him to be in my life, and made me reconnect with some of my old ones that turned out to be in a music ministry! Not only that, but it was amazing to see that some of them even have bible study, some have huge dreams, and brought me 4 individuals in our upcoming project “Our Tribe.” On top of that, reinforced my leadership with my group that I am planning to go on tour with them next year “The Truth”, and if I say more of the plans that automatically were added I will ruin the surprise lol! I am also loving how God is not only working through me, but also my amazing boyfriend.


He is learning how to trust God, learning how to be patient, learning on who to hang out with, and working on his faith as well as his health. When I tell you that my boyfriend is getting blessings…I am not joking lol! Sometimes I am just like, “alright show off…praise God!” we both just laughing, and we begin to thank the Lord. I love how I can now finally see what was in store for me, I love how he is still working through me, I love to see that nothing bothers me, I love that the Lord showed me that my past was not my fault, I love at how he makes me laugh at people that made me seem like I was the problem, I love how my friends understand my time/space, I love how he works through my boyfriend, I love how his blessings are growing each day, I love how I can sleep in peace, but most of all…I just love love love God because everything that I now do or say…..I can actually see the lives of people changing. At the end of the day, what I love the most is that I have my parents and sister that are my base to everything I do.

Image result for blessedThe moment you let God, that’s the moment you start living to the fullest with a smile that never goes away. You could get unwanted messages that will make you, laugh, ignore, and delete. You can have a problem, but you know its not really you that’s just the devil shaking you up…and you just laugh! You can go through a challenging time at school, and suddenly you find yourself laughing at an exam because God just highlights the answer in front of your eyes. Finally, you will find yourself tearing up but that is when you know its nothing bad…its just you are so happy with what God has given you that you just automatically cry of happiness. I am happy to say that God keeps remodeling and gives me more wisdom that no one will be able to understand. I learned to listen. I learned to be patient. I learned to talk like Jesus would want me to talk. I learned to love how Jesus wants me to love.  I learned to take my new talents into action. I learned that the plans of God for my life are bigger than my imagination.  If you haven’t done so already go ahead and check out the song I linked down below, and maybe you will relate to it and see exactly what I mean. If you keep going in cycles you will never find your happiness.


The question is…did I find my happiness? At the age of 28, I can proudly say that I have found my happy beginning that never has an end. Happy endings don’t work with me cause with God there is never an end. With Jesus, there is always a brand new beginning that will make your future brighter, stronger, and blessed! As you meditate more into the word, you will see how much comfort your soul will have, and how much peace will be granted. I love how now I live by what I know, by his presence, by his touch, and by his love because when I should have died….he died for me…..that’s how much he loved and continues loving me. I love God because he first loved me. 

Image result for she is clothed in strength and dignityIf you are reading this and would like to learn how to get closer to God don’t hesitate in contacting me! I have a feeling someone out there will be reading this that is struggling to find that something to fill up your life. I will be writing a devotional in the next coming months so keep an eye open. What I am planning is giving out a free trial of the devotional and if you want the complete one I will be charging $5. The money will be going to an organization that I am creating in which will help out children that are either in an orphanage, or will go towards a scholarship for a child that is coming out of his/her battle of cancer so they can start school with the right foot! I will be blogging, taking pictures, vlogging, and showing you all how you are changing lives of the children. I am excited to see how God will be working, and I hope you join me in this journey…because its nothing but “The Truth.” Love you all so much!!! And I hope this inspires you to go after your dreams because if I can do it then so can you! Wherever you might be, I hope you have a great day or night! God bless!

Blessings. Peace. Love ya’ll.

Michele C.



  1. Chels says:

    Mishi, I loved this! You are an inspiration, and you are right…the Lord is doing his best work through you. You are so genuine! I’m happy you found your happiness ♥️

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thank you so much hun!!! It is always a struggle, but you always get to your goal if you never give up! ♥️

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