Printage App Pictures!

Hey everyone! Today I am so pleased to introduce the Printage app! They are a company where they transform your pictures into memories. What I love about this is that the pictures are the ones where you stick on the wall leaving no damage to your wall at all! Also, you can move them around and put them in the order you want so it is amazing! Take a look on mine and I will explain more about them in the next paragraph.




I have many pictures to post up, but some are just to precious to leave them without not putting them on a wall. These 3 pictures have a story behind, which I will not get into it right now, but I love seeing them everyday because it reminds me to keep on going. Printage is affordable, easy to use, and fast shipping!!! If you would like to check them out please visit this website and make sure to download the app! If you hate holes in your wall, and want the pictures to be movable this is where you should go!

Let me know if you get to order some of your pictures!!! Make sure to tag me so I am able to see it, and also tag them when you upload it on instagram. 


Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C. 



  1. kdbryant05 says:

    These are so neat and love your pics!!!

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thank you so much it means a lot!

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