Motivational Monday

One of the things that I love to do the most now is working out! I used to be so active when I was younger, but as I grew up due to so many responsibilities I let that go. I talked before on how unhealthy I was, and the things that I used to do before becoming lazy to not even wanting to walk for one minute. Back in the day I used to swim, belly dance, martial arts, yoga, ran, speed walk, danced in my room for hours, and I used to even lift weights. Also, I used to weigh 118 if not 120 so basically when I saw that I was at 120 I would rapidly go back down to 118. 

The question now is: How in the world did I bounce back to the lifestyle I had? I will be honest, I am still getting back to the old me one step at a time, and it is NOT easy. It takes a lot to wake up at 6 am, meditate, and get ready to leave by 8 am to work out till 11 am. Also, the things that I now eat is a night-mare even though I spice things up because I hate food that is not tasteful. I used to eat so many veggies, fruits, and I used to drink only veggie juice (disgusting) but with an apple…. it made a difference. However, I needed to find my motivation, and that is a few special events going on this year.

I won’t go into much detail because little by little I will be telling ya’ll what is happening, and not only is that my motivation but it is also the health that I have now. I hardly get sick, I get very active in the morning, I finish my tasks quicker, and by the end of the day I do not feel tired at all. There are days where I just want to be lazy, not do nothing, and zone out in my own world and that is okay! Being alone is also amazing because you get time for yourself, and reboot! My question is: What is your motivation? try to find something that motivates you to get up and going! 

A few things I do to get ready for my day are:

1. Meditate. 

2. Read my bible.

3. Put some bomb worship music.

4. Write my tasks for the day. 

5. Get my drinks ready. 

6. Eat: my meal preps.

7. Pray before I leave home. 


That is all I do and before I forget here are some pictures that either my girl Nat saved, or I took out from memory lane. Maybe it is not a Thursday for #tbt but it sure is #MM which for me is: Motivational Monday!



Now the next picture is a bitter sweet one because it was not only an amazing day, but also broke my heart into two. There is a big story behind the following picture which was where I started gaining weight. My cousin is with me in this pic (don’t we almost look the same though?! lol!). When I am ready I will tell the story to the stage of my life in which I was having while this picture was taken. 


In ALL of these pictures presented here were up to the age of 22….22 ya’ll!!! From that point on I started to completely lose myself each second at a time. It took me just a few years to be unhealthy, lose who I really was, and much more. However, I am thankful for each year, each experience, and every time I would get so mad because if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be the person that I am now. 28 years old going on to 29, bouncing to the stage where I was good, and most of all getting myself back together in every aspect in my life. 

I can’t wait till I post up before and after pictures though!!! I have been only putting up pictures of my face instead of my whole self, but trust me I will soon. My body is slowly changing, clothes are starting to fit, and much more! Even my confidence has boosted up like how it was before. I remember walking into a room with low self- esteem, and not believing in myself due to the things I was going through. Now that I am more connected to the Lord, have the friends that were meant for me, and an incredible boyfriend everything is possible. Won’t he do it?! 

If you are struggling through something, and want to talk to someone send me a message I would be happy to help you out. Keep an eye out tomorrow because I will either put up blogging tips, singing tips, or even meal preps! Stay updated and do not forget to subscribe to my blog. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.



  1. kdbryant05 says:

    Can’t wait to see your progress 💪

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thank you girl!!!

  2. Chels says:

    Mishi! Love your blog girl! You are doing awesome and you looked beautiful then, and you still do now! & what’s my inspiration? My husband, kids, family, and friends like you! ♥️

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thanks chels!! love you!!! And motivation that can bounce you right back is perfect!!!!! Girl I can’t wait to see you in a matter of months!!! ♥️

  3. Love this hunni. You look so much like your cousin. I’m so glad you are getting back to yourself. That’s how I feel too. I definitely need to make some time to meditate for sure ❤️

  4. This is amazing hun! Can’t wait to see your progress!

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thank you!!!! I will write about it more later on this week!

  5. Hello and thank you for this post… Please I have just started out as a Blogger…. Considering the fact that our niches are related I wanted to know if you could Stop by my blog and give me feedback on what I need to do in order to grow a massive Movement!
    P.s I would love you to be a part of my community!😀

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Hello!!! I can’t believe I just saw this! And of course I will check out your blog asap. Thank you so much for your comment I will be in touch with you shortly. 😀

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